Posted by: 12stepgolf | February 11, 2014

Ms Otis Regrets and so does Hillary

Not long ago Hillary R. Clinton told a the reporter that her biggest regret was Benghazi. I found that curious. If everything she told us was true, what is it about Benghazi that she regrets?

Regret is a negative conscious and emotional reaction to personal past acts and behaviors.

The reporter forgot to ask HRC just what was about Benghazi that she regretted. To be sorry that four Americans died on her watch, if she was a diligent Secretary of State, would not foment regret. I feel horrid and sad, but since I wasn’t involved in decision making I have no regrets.

Did she regret not paying any attention to Ambassador Steven’s request to fortify the diplomatic mission there. Is she more sorry she has gotten caught in a web of lies. I vote for the latter.

She is saying the word regret now so she will not longer be confronted with the issue….who care anyway…there are many citizens that care.

It is all about power that HRC will say or do anything to divert attention from truth.

Take heed America HRC is ruthless and cunning and incapable being honest… we most recently are being shown by the “Hillary Papers”. A lier a cheat and a thief…..cunning and don’t be fooled she doesn’t give a lick about you….it is all about her.

Posted by: 12stepgolf | September 25, 2013

E-cigs and Attorney Generals

There has been something troubling me for quite some time. I have noticed an increase in the variety of flavored alcohol drinks. My past dictates that if you can’t drink it straight you don’t know how to drink.
The increase in the multitude of flavored vodkas and schnapps and even beers is quite impressive. There hasn’t been one attorney general who has objected to this marketing that will increase the consumption among young people.
Why is there an objection to the e-cig? This is something I cannot comprehend.
Are they so afraid that a few puffs from an e-cig will lead to a real tobacco cig? No really. The problem is that the e-cig may lead to not picking up a tobacco cig and it helps those who want to quit smoking. There is a pharmaceutical company that may lose money-the producers of the nicotine patch and gum etc. That who is real big lobby behind this interest in the regulation of e-cigs.

I would also like to comment on the real dangers of drinking. A person can die the first time they pick up a drink. A person who has a couple of drinks can get into a car and even being under the “legal” limit be less alert and the chances of having an accident are increased. A very inexperienced drinker doesn’t have the ability to respond to this new feeling of drunkenness which increases the chances of a fatal accident.
A youthful drinker partaking of these innocuous flavored beverages will know how much they have drunk and may die from alcohol poisoning.

Just to throw this in the chances of dyeing from a few puffs of maryjane is greater than smoking a whole cigarette…yeap….call me loony, but the facts are the facts. Mind altering alcohol or drugs are more dangerous than a cigarette for young people.

If a youth has a couple of puffs off a cig their chances of dyeing that evening are zilch. It takes years for these corrosive sticks to induce death.

I do believe the priorities of attorney generals are a little comical. Are they really trying to protect the youth or just their ability to get campaign funds from the big pharma and adult beverage lobby. You think about these things please.

Posted by: 12stepgolf | September 12, 2013

Dear Mr. Putin:

It is too bad that Putin doesn’t understand what exceptionalism exists in the USA. We are not exceptional as a race or tribalism. We are not great because of a common ancestry. We are not a “super” race.
The United States is exceptional because of our constitution. Our Founding Fathers were the first to create a nation based on inalienable rights which are endowed upon the citizenry of the human being. It is isn’t reserved to any nationality.
It is because of this constitution that millions of people left their homelands over these past two centuries. The desire to live free from the chains of bondage wrought upon them through treacherous governments.
Mr. Putin needs to read our bill of rights and constitution that we the people hold dear. Unlike the constitutions of certain countries that enumerate rights provided by a “government” which are never enforced and ignored by who ever is in power at any given time…..a dictator is a dictator regardless of their constitution.

We know how exceptional our form of government is and with all the disputes we have as we the people it is the best and only hope for humankind.

Posted by: 12stepgolf | July 14, 2013

Gosh Mr President

Has Obama ever considered the possibility that if he had a son he might look like Obama’s mother’s side of the family. Hell no, it wouldn’t serve his purposes.

We have worked long and hard in this country to eliminate the 1/8th rule in this country….if you have 1/8th black blood in you, you are considered totally black…I never hear Mr. President you embracing your whiteness.

We were taught to look at ones character not the color of his skin.

Posted by: 12stepgolf | June 24, 2013

Immigration Bill?

Here we go again. They call it a correction to eliminate the illegal immigration problem that the governing class has allowed to get out of control.

The Republicans are so afraid of the Dems getting perminent voting class if they don’t go along with this incredibly unimpressive bill they are sounding like the left.

Unfortunately the Republicans are the chumps again. If they really do believe that any of the illegal immigrants who will benefit from this “amnesty” bill will vote Conservative in the future should remember the past. It was the Republican party that got the Civil Rights bills to become the laws of the land. Had it not been the Republicans sticking to principles of their party which was the party of abolition, there would never have been the Civil Rights Acts from Eisenhower on.

Not one voter in the Black Caucus is willing to give in to the truth of the Republican party’s participation in passing those bills. Repbulicans have never ever gotten the recognition they deserve and it will be the same among the new voting class that came through the door illegally and will benefit from the Republicans participation in passing this so called Immigration Bill.

Burn me once shame on you-burn me twice shame on me….so Republicans are you willing to be shamed another 4th or 5th time? What a shame.

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