Posted by: 12stepgolf | January 24, 2009

Vandie Cup 2nd and Final round: January 17, 2009

Began the first few holes identical to yesterday.  Even started on the same hole.  Thanks to the sun we thawed out a bit earlier than yesterday and things started to fall into place a bit easier.

Had no birdies today but thank God I saw some pars.  It was a bit less happier for me today (those blunders I made), not the cheery “who gives a big fat rats a**” attitude of yesterday.  I managed to whine 3 times and do an “Oh! God” once.

By the seventh hole we all were laughing again and just having a great time with all the errors we were making and I just loved the camaraderie we women had as we fought the good fight.

It is only in the tournaments that we come up with the most bizarre lies.

Managed to golf better today and hit my handicap, was only one shot out of the money, so I am very pleased with my performance.

The gal I almost tied with was in our group.  Joan, who is a very lovely golfer, a lovely person in general and very attractive, was struggling today through her first nine.  This surprised me because she is such a smooth and consistent golfer.  She managed to make a birdie on that infamous 15th hole and got that one shot lead over me.

Darc did quite well today she only got a six on the 15th.  She managed to make it into 6th place. She can really place those shots were she wants them.  She did have trouble with the par 3’s today but she can appreciate a good laugh herself.

We had the flight champ in our group, Nancy.  She was just so on today.  She was just steady and consistent.  It was a great pleasure to watch her.  The only bad thing that happened was her husband Bernie was the overall champion for the men’s division.  They are a neat couple.  They have a life long game going (adding all the scores of every game, till they are probably 90+ years old) and last I heard she was winning.

I wasn’t in the money, but I was a winner today playing with three great gals again.

The whole field of women were the best our club could have put together if they had to do it on purpose.  We had a small group due to the weather.  We only managed to have the 2 flights, but they were the right women.  So I have a grateful heart tonight.


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