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Vandie Cup: January 16, 2009

Today marks the inauguration of my blog:
I am pleased to say I competed in our club 1st major tournament of the year today.
The weather, as usually this time of year here in Naples, did not co-operate.  Temps were in the low 50’s and winds were about 15-18 miles per hour.

I began on the 16th hole.  A somewhat friendly 295 yard (red tees) par 4, some water to the right and a large bunker on the right.  The green has a tendency to roll to the back if not off totally.  Pin placement was center of the green.
Had a great drive right down the center landing only about 125 from the green, easy on in two-HA HA.  Muffed 2 shots got on in 4 and then 3 putted.

So much for that hole.

It was on to the next hole.  Was on in regulation on the next hole, 4 putted.
The first 9 holes were like that, all the holes I really like just went awry.

Putting was my curse today, finger tips were numb and just could not feel the putt.  I had to accept the fact that putting was not going to be my long suit today and besides I was out there to practice these principles and have them to write about when I got back to the carriage house.
The second nine went so much better, by that time we all had defrosted a bit.  The sun sure felt great on our backs and our faces.  My cart partner came alive.  A few birdies and whole bunch of pars, it was a beauty to behold.  Then came the final hole.  Fifteen is just a nasty par 3 only 110 yards.  The lift you need to clear the garbage in front of the tee box and achieve the distance at the same time just makes everyone cringe.  Judy gets up hits a terrific shot and almost goes in the hole.  Gail had too much draw on her ball it veers off the green and lands down the bank and into the water.  Darcy who has the only chance of scoring well because of the birdies and pars, takes her swing-boom 20 feet into the garbage.  My turn and I don’t care where it lands I grip it and rip it landing 5 feet off the green middle right.  Whew, glad that was over.

Darcy goes for her second ball, puts another one in the garbage.  A third ball goes in.  I know I can’t give her any advice.  She did choose a different club, which is what I would have told her.  Boom, over the garbage and upper right side of the green.

Darc is lying 7 at this point and I felt her pain. 8 to get on and then a two putt-giving back all those great holes she had racked up.

I end up parring that hole and I thought what a nice way to end that round.


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