Posted by: 12stepgolf | January 27, 2009

My Apology

I am terribly sorry that I have not introduced myself. I was just so excited about finding that I forgot to let you all know who I am.

I wanted a real blog that I could link to from my web site I wanted a way to share my experience strength and hope with my visitors. It slipped my mind that this was a stand alone site and my dissertations meant nothing to anyone who may stumble upon this blog.

My name is Jo Anne N. and I am a recovering golfaholic/alcoholic. I have been a golfer since I was 13 (48 years) and been sober for 26 years.

I adapted the 12 Steps of my A. A. program to assist me on the golf course. I knew that the 12th Step told me to “practice these principles in all my affairs”, but I had not retained my discipline long enough on the golf course to practice them, and after all it was just a game.

There was a day in 2004 when I had not been golfing to my “potential”. The wheels were really falling off and I was just bleeding badly-I was miserable and ready to sell my clubs. I heard a still small voice in my mind telling me “practice these principles in your affairs”, of course, that made sense.

I pulled myself together and began to dedicate myself to the development of a separate 12 Step Program devoted to golf and golf alone. I knew I did love golf and it was a gift from God, although there were many times I had sad it was an evil game given to us just to frustrate and turn us into some nasty disappointed people. I realized that golf was a metaphor of our lives, and how we were meant to learn more about ourselves so we could grow.

The 12 Steps have brought joy to my game and I have even improved my scores and lowered my handicap. Play alone had never given me what I wanted until I started my program.

You can read more about “me” at  You can also read about the Steps and how to work them into your golf game.

My site is still under construction and I am building the pages as best I can. Please do be patient and enjoy yourself.


Jo Anne


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