Posted by: 12stepgolf | January 28, 2009

Vandie Ladies Member/Member: 1st Day, January 28, 2009

Good Evening Everyone:

The field was a full compliment of around 120.  We managed to have 4 flights, which is rather remarkable.  This annual event is rather popular but I cannot remember it doing so well.  If I am wrong please forgive me.

My partner was Cindy V., she and I have participated in events together off and on for 9 years.
We met at a regular “Ladies Day” event 9 years ago.  We were having lunch at the club and we discovered neither of us had a partner for the seasons opening event “The Fall Frolic”.  We decided to give it a whirl and we have been chums ever since.

We managed to pull off a second place last year in the ladies 4 ball event.  We were not to play together, I had already committed to it with someone else when she was called away unexpectedly (joy! joy!).  Cindy had no commitment so we teamed up.  We were quite exhausted by the finals, we had grinded out all those wins over the course of those weeks and amazed that “we won another one” which got us to the finals.  Everyone was pulling for us because our opponents were renters and we like to keep it “all in the family”.

So about today, we played with two of my favorite people.  Nat L. and Sue P., they are just such lovely people and I have enjoyed playing with them for years.  They are just like sisters and the camaraderie is a beauty to behold.

The “shotgun start” had us on hole #8, a par 3 about 114 yards from where the markers were.  The only problem with this hole is the bunker to the left.  The pin of course was right there about 20 yards behind that bunker.  We pared that hole and where joyous to have our first hole under our belt.

Off to #9, a neat par 4 which has a slight dog leg right (wrapping around a pound).  If you have a nice ball, even a short straight ball it does not have to be a disaster.  Yesterday I hit a beautiful 200 yard drive and all I needed was about 70 to the green-screamed that little baby and went out of bounds almost into the clubhouse, got a very unpleasant 7.  Today we were playing “Chapman”, Cindy and I hit great drives.  I smacked hers into the pond, she flops mine into the bunker.  We escape with a 6 and I was grateful for not having another 7.

Ten through 18 were rather unremarkable and we thought we were pretty mediocre.  We shot a 31.5 net and were quite surprised.

On to the dreadful first hole, a very long par 5 dog leg left with water and bunkers.  It is very difficult to get on in 3, and don’t know many men who can hit it spot on.  The green isn’t user friendly either.  I hit a drive that I didn’t even know I could hit-awesome!  Cindy hit hers to a distance she has never seen before-awesome.  I gripped and ripped her ball perfectly.  She does the same with mine, we are in perfect position to perhaps get on in 3.  So we choose my ball which was about 50 yards farther than hers.  Boom flop whew-it is sitting on the down slope of the pond.  I don’t have much of a stance but I give it my best shot, land short of the green, Cindy gets us on-we are sitting five and two putt.  Same old hole never gives you an inch, although Nat and Sue walked off with a 6.

I think I have described the second hole in the Vandie Cup.  Sue hits first and has a very sweet landing on the green.  I let Cindy hit her shot which goes into the swale.  I decide to use a club that I would not normally use on this par 3, and of course it didn’t work I go into the water.  Nat chose a club she wasn’t sure of either, she joined me.

So I go for the shot, and I have made that shot a hundred times and blew it.  Cindy gets us on and we walk off with a 5.  Nat and Sue have the honor of getting a 4.

There was a bit of an incident on this hole.  Cindy had thought I said I couldn’t do it, and was surprised I said something negative.  She tried to coach me into letting it go.  I had really said I can do this and took the club I had more control with.  I was a little miffed and taken aback with her trying to console me and got a little curt with her.  As we were walking back to the carts we had it resolved and were ourselves by the next tee.

We hammed and egged it through the following holes.  Nothing remarkable on 3 and 4.  We smacked good drives out on 5 and I had the most beautiful fairway shot onto the green 10 feet from the hole and we walked away with a par.

Nat and Sue are the best putters I think we have here.  They can read a green like nobodies business.  It was sad to see Sue get that ball right up to the hole only to have it not drop in-she must have had 6 or 8 of those little heartbreakers.

Revenge was Sue’s she chipped in on the 6th for a birdie.  She worked hard for that baby and we all screamed high fived it.  We bogied.

On to the last hole of the day, and boy was I getting hungry-food was only 4 strokes away.

Great drives, I get us on in 2.  Cindy was the putter and it was about a 12 foot downhill no break putt.  Just get it close I said under my breath standing behind Sue.  Cindy strokes and it was looking pretty sweet and I just prayed “please, let her have this one”, plop right into the hole.
Got our birdie.

Ended that 9 with a net 30.5 for a total of 62.  We had thought we shot pretty ho hum for the day but we ended in first place and Nat and Sue in second with a 63.  We get to play again with each other tomorrow and I am pleased as punch for that.

During the whole round I was telling Cindy we would make our move tomorrow because we thought we would be in the middle of the pack, so the outcome was a pleasant surprise.

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