Posted by: 12stepgolf | January 31, 2009

Member/Member Event: Day 2, January 29,2009

I am very happy to report Cindy and I were flight champions with a 127 two day total.

I do have to admit that it didn’t seem like I contributed much to that win.  Had great shots, just seemed I was rather off a bit.  There sure was a great deal of sand in my life today.

I found it much to easy to surrender some holes when I knew Cindy got more strokes per hole than I did.  Depended too much on my partner and didn’t give it my all.

Some people like to rehash holes as they travel to the next green, I prefer to quietly reflect then forget them, good or bad.  That is the period for my meditation, visualizing the great shots and experiencing that feeling of connecting the club head with the ball.

My prayer and meditation time was a little disrupted yesterday because I did not share my methods of practicing these principles.  I failed Cindy because I didn’t take the time to explain the meditating I needed to do between holes or shots for that matter.  She tried so hard to get me out or what she perceived as a funk I was in and I just let it go.

I being the “old timer”, I may be younger but she is the newbie golfer, deferring to her just seemed easier.  She needed to do what she needed to do to comfort herself, and that was ok.

The tournament in and of itself was less important than the mere fact that we were competing in it.

We did have Nat and Sue as our partners again.  There was no competitors better than those two ladies.  There are other women I am closer to but to watch those two interact is awesome, one would think that they grew up together.

Sue lost her husband a few years back, it was a shock to everyone here.  Nat and her husband were friends with Sue and her husband, they did couple stuff together.  When Sue’s hubby died Nat drew Sue closer and held on to her during those real bad grieving times.  Being around them you naturally get a dose of what compassion and empathy and love is.

Sue means allot to me.  She was so understanding and compassionate when my mom died in 2006.  She knew the comparison of my close relationship with my mom wasn’t much different from her loss and her understanding helped me over some very bumpy times.

What was really neat was that Nat and Sue came in with a 122 which actually put them in first place on our flight but as fate would have it, they actually won the overall championship which left us as flight winners.

Had Cindy and I played as well as we did the day before they still had us by two strokes, and if we had to loose to anyone I am grateful it was them.

We also had four other ladies from our Tuesday Group in the money.  Ro and Doris and Nadine and Donna.  I was so happy that out of the 8 ladies who signed up from our group 6 were winners.

We all had a great time, a great lunch and great prizes.

Drove Cindy back home and we sat out in my cart talking for about an hour.  We have been chums for 8 or 9 years but we have always discussed only current events.  Today we got to know where we came from and how we became the women we are.

Good ending to a good day.

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