Posted by: 12stepgolf | February 11, 2009

CASUAL SUNDAY: February 8th

Sometimes I wonder if I am a bit of a masochist.

After 2 weeks of two 2 day tournaments, I chose to golf again on Sunday.

Trying to maintain a bit of that competitive edge can take so much out of a person.

Pam was going to the clubhouse when I said “you drive”, I had just driven my cart for 2 days straight and was tired of it. (our tee time was 11:46, a bit late for us)

We approached the first tee and the exhaustion of the past 2 weeks hit me. I really didn’t know why I was there. It came to me why I was golfing, I really enjoy their company. Needed some comic relief.  We enjoy each other and have a wonderful time kibitzing through the whole 18. We can joke about shots and scramble and hussle down those fairways like nobodies business. We don’t care about focus or much of anything and yet we score pretty well.

Doris and I are pretty well matched. She is a hoot. Doris is a Canadian and is allowed only to stay out of country 182 days before something happens concerning her “universal” healthcare up there.

Doris and I drive about the same and when we golf together we have always had this informal “longest drive contest”. Well I made it official Sunday, whoever drives the longest get the “penny”, some dirty old one that Pam found in her cart.

That old penny was exchanged back and forth through the whole round, (Doris held it many more times than I). On the 18th hole we drove and both were just so great, but she out drove me by some 5 feet and she got to keep that penny till we play again.

Gail and Pam like to golf with us. We give them pointers and tips we have picked up over our long careers of golf. It really helps them get over the trials and tribulations they have during their rounds. We both believe that there should be no “cookie cutter” swings nor that one needs to use this or that club for any given shot. We believe in golf being up to the individuals ability and personal choices. Other than stance and grip you should be able to swing any unconventional swing as long as it gets you from point A to point B in the least amount of shots.


Many people forget that fact. We learn from our mistakes and gain wisdom and then we can help others.

We all scored well and we sat outside the clubhouse, they with their wine and I with my coffee, and rehashed all the fun and craziness we had today.

You just have to see golf as:  A COMEDY OF ERRORS

Golf will always surprise you good or bad.

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