Posted by: 12stepgolf | February 11, 2009


The “Couples Championship” was held over the week-end, February 6th and 7th.

Good time lousy golf. In this event there is no room for error, which were plentiful among all.

Bill O. and I teamed up to participate. He is the husband of my friend Helen who is in our “Casual Tuesday” golf group. She is still in the early stages of learning golf and did not want to sign up for this event. I volunteered.

Bill and I have only golfed together in a couple of scrambles and we did not have any “playing practice” rounds prior to the event, BIG MISTAKE.

We really did stink. We were not alone. No one liked the format, better ball first day then Chapman the second. That is always the format so I don’t know why everyone was complaining.

Bill and I shot 67/70 for a two day total of 137 (yuck), not even a challenge for the winner’s 119 total. There weren’t that many under 128 but enough to know we were LOSERS. We did manage to come in second from the last in our flight (first) and one stroke behind the team in front of us (we were all just one stroke here and stroke there from each other).

I would love to be able to blame Bill for that loss, but I have to take responsibility for my stinking putting and errant shots. We had plenty of opportunities to convert our score, yet we missed almost every chance to birdie.

I did tell Bill that had we been married I would have asked him for a divorce after our 16th hole.

I was talking to Nadine yesterday about how men play. They should just listen to us and play like women when they play with women. I told her how I just asked Bill to put it right there in a place I know I had experience with and could get us on in three (a par 5). No that wouldn’t do for the male ego. He had to play it his way and finesse it over the trees to place it where he wanted to play it from. The next shot was mine not his, he ended up short and in the woods. We had to go back to my errant shot (his drive hooked into the pine straw and I had to pop it out over a sand trap and onto the fairway-blew it). I gave him a great drive and that is when he ended in the trees. We are out of the game by then and nothing really mattered in regards to score.

I just had to laugh at these guys, Bill wasn’t alone most of them are like that. Why they have to play to their game when we were in a Chapman, escaped me. They weren’t going to hit that shot they just hit, we women were.

Lost balls and penalties and sand traps and water hazards and the yips was the game we played and I could see on most of the golfers faces at the luncheon that we were not alone.

I really saw the validation of my perception of the male ego. There is something about golf that really can reveal ourselves to ourselves. Golf can take the most humble unassuming person and turn on their egos and desire for perfection unlike anything else they do.


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