Posted by: 12stepgolf | February 18, 2009

Just some thoughts

Having not golfed this week I had some extra time on my hands to start paying attention to what is going on in the world.

Politics is my first love, then everything else is after that.

I am not sure how controversial we may get around here with all this “political correctness”.  I suppose when they started to take away our free speech we were bound to have all our “Bill of Rights” and our Constitution destroyed.

The liberal pinko commies are winning and everyone should be afraid-very afraid.  We don’t like being searched at the airport for “our right to privacy” but we are willing to give up our rights to anything and everything else to have somebodies mortgage be paid for to stop a foreclosure.

What are we letting them do to us?  Does anyone care? 

We are looking at an America that I was not prepared to grow old in and as I reach full retirement and have my future behind me I wonder what the youth want their future to look like.  The “Federation” only worked in “Star Trek” because it was a fantasy.  This is real life with real human nature.  You can only brainwash people temporaraly the spirit cannot be, and one day they will awaken to their error and wish for the days that once were.

This socialism we are adopting for this “Globalization” project institued with the srambles thinking of Eleanor Roosevelt and her bright idea of this “unite nations” is not what America should be.

Where do we Americans go to escape tyranny?  The last great hope for freedom is evaporating and there is no hope in sight.

These so called “intellectuals” who believe in Darwinism and evolution and “survival of the fittest”, are hipocrits, or they just can’t keep their story straight.  Who are the fittest among us?  Are they going to be the judges and juries who tell us who should survive and who should not.  They only have bleeding hearts for the most unfittest among us.

Shame on those who work on keeping their credit in tack and take care of their families and who have their priorities in order.

The intellectuals among us want to help the poor and punish the rich-the only reason there are poor is because of the intellectuals lies and confusion and stupid arguments of confused environmental terrorism.

There is never any logic to their arguments because they always start with false premisies.  I believe their brains have been so damaged during those lost years of the ’60’s and ’70’s and drug induced thinking.  I was around then and I thank God I didn’t get into drugs while my brain was still growing.

All those idiot hippies are now teaching in our colleges, what would you expect from destroyed brain cells? 

Enough of this food for thought.

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