Posted by: 12stepgolf | February 26, 2009

The Mortgage Bailout

They tell us we have a possible 9 million foreclosures facing us.  These are at risk, not for sures.

Could someone explain why it takes 75 billion to rescue them?  Is  my math screwed up?

If each of those 9 million had a mortgage for 2 million and we have a small administrative cost of another 2 million, shouldn’t the bail out only cost 20 million?

Something really stinks here.

Is this the new math everyone under 50 learned by all those educators who obviously don’t have a clue about 1+1=2.  They must use the Mae West theory of math, “1+1=2, 2+2=4 and 4+4 =16 if you know how to work it right”.

The youth elected these legislatures and the current administration, where did they think all that distribution of wealth was going to come from-it is their pockets, because there isn’t any more wealth to distribute.

I guess the youth vote couldn’t see past the moment and thought it was going to come out of someone else’s a##.  They just never thought it was going to be theirs.

“Common sense is just a collective hunch”, according to Lilly Tomlin, well excuse me there are natural laws and orders of things, and common sense is not a hunch.  We are looking at a collective mentality and it doesn’t fit.  Common sense doesn’t change with the tide.  What was true in Socrate’s time holds true today.

A little education seems to be a dangerous thing, and they want everyone to get a college education.  I would say that 45% of the students in universities shouldn’t have even applied.  Our tax dollars at work.

I thought my generation was all screwed  up, look what we have spawned?

So much for the “Home of the Free and the Brave”.

How well we can only hope that the Mayans were right and it all is going to end in 2012, I wasn’t raised to be enslaved by anyone or anything and I wouldn’t survive a future based on “collectivism”.

It didn’t have to come to this.  We could have used logic and good common sense.

They have succeeded at brainwashing almost everyone.  Someone might as well come and get me now and through me into the “salt mines”.  I am not going to shut up, Nancy and Harry or Arlen and Olympia.  Some of us just won’t shut up.

Just who are they making a better world for anyway?  What has been going on almost has me believing in conspiracy theories.

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