Posted by: 12stepgolf | March 7, 2009

Objectivism vr Secular Humanism

This is an excerpt of a new page I have just built to my web site.  It deals with a new branch of philosophy I have coined as etiosapience, this question has haunted me for a number of years.  What has been developing in all areas of our society I needed to commit to paper what has troubled me for a very long time.  I do believe that it does come down to these two schools of thought.

“……………I stood back got a cup of coffee lit a cigar and thought some more, what are the essentials necessary to even ask a question.?

I finally came to the conclusion that all schools of philosophy are rooted in only two diametrically opposed thesis. Either man is inherently good or man is inherently evil. These are the under layer of how we approach the formulation of philosophy. How we attain knowledge, how we view ourselves and the world and whether there is a God, and the list goes on.

All arguments and outcomes are reached with this intrinsic instinctual “etiosapience“ (causation of wisdom). All schools of philosophical thought which have branched out into the 100’s from Aristotle (Platonian/Socrates) to pragmatism and communism, the affects of our methodology in medicine and psychology, screenwriters to economic leaders, liberalism and conservatism, how we educate and raise our children, all are based on “etiosapience”.

The tension between these two opposites has pulled us apart. These ideas of how to understand mankind are core beliefs of how we conduct everything from religion to politics.

How has this affected us in our current state of being? We have all heard the phrase “if we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything”. I do believe that with modernity we have reached a point of collapse.

I will attempt to describe the two prevailing philosophies that best exhibit my argument for “etiosapience”. These two schools of thought truly can hold all other philosophies within themselves. They seem to be the finality of thought over the millennium and hold the basic etiosapience, that man is either inherently good or inherently evil.

These two contrapositions are Secular Humanism and Objectivism. One’s philosophy will fall into one of these camps regardless of who you are or where you come from, it doesn’t matter where you live or if you believe in God or not. Which theory you align yourself with will dictate all other thinking………………….”

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