Posted by: 12stepgolf | March 16, 2009

Golf and the Spirit: A Golfers Love Affair with the Game

“Golf was invented a billion years ago-don’t you remember?” Old Scottish Golf Saying

Golf has a spirit intrinsic to its very essence. There is more to this wonderful game than just the club the ball and the swing. We strike the little white ball out into green field with the hopes of getting it into the little mole hill in the fewest strokes possible. Why would golf reveal ourselves to us when we do this exercise of the most simplest of tasks?

The is that spirit and that soul of the game that few are willing to acknowledge. The way golf penetrates our very being can be associated with one form of “spiritual experience“. It can also become just one more thing to conquer on our quest for ego inflation. Either way we golfers become absorbed with the game.

How does golf captivate us? Defining golf as sport limits our understanding of the spirituality of the game. Golf is a game. Golf is more like chess than any sport which needs the brute force of one’s physical abilities. Our fitness is necessary, but it is not as important as in softball, tennis or flag football.

Golf can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age, sex or physical prowess. I was at the driving range a few years ago and there was a gentleman there who was an amputee. He stood there on his one leg balanced with a crutch. His swing was impeccable and I must say his distance was further than most of the “able” bodied gents I know. I had to laugh when he showed his dissatisfaction as his ball would have that slight curve at the end and then drift away from that straight line we all desire. The deviation was ever so slight that would probably not bothered any of us, but he too wanted perfection. Oh, by the way he did all this one handed, he had his left hand on his crutch so he could keep his balance.

We go back to the year 1457 when King James II banned golf because the cadets where neglecting their combat training in favor of the game of golf. Warriors learning the are of conquest would rather play a simple little game called “gowf”. We have a long historical line that has the obsession documented, it is not just in our head. What makes it so addictive and why does it fascinate us so?

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