Posted by: 12stepgolf | March 28, 2009

New Tournament Starts April 4, 2009

Four Ball Match:

March 26, 2009:

Today we had the qualifying round for the 4 Ball Match game scheduled to begin April 4, 2009.

Cindy and I are partners again.  She has been golfing pretty darn good lately.  She didn’t think she was doing such a hot job Thursday, but she saved us on the last 4 holes.
I did ok but nothing to brag about just ended shooting my handicap, and that seems to work for me-no heroics in a qualifier.

I got a bit tired and made some lousy decisions which let to some bad mistakes on the last the last holes and we were sweating it (actually we didn’t even think we were going to get in).

There were 19 teams vieing for only 8 slots, so we just decided to have a good time and play golf.  We played with 2 friends from our original Tuesday Group (6 ladies split from our group, and that is a story I will share at a later time).  The cut off score was 63 and we made it, sorry to say our friends came in with a 66 and missed the cut.

Will get back with you all this week.  Was rather uneventful Thursday, so not much to write.

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