Posted by: 12stepgolf | April 7, 2009

Closing of the Season-April 2, 2009

Today we had the final tournament for the Lady’s Day League.  Every year we have the “Color Wars”.  There are usually 120 women who participate and then there are 2 sides of 60 each.  There is the Blue side and the Gold side and one never knows which one you will be on until that morning.
It is a fun day and the lunch afterwards gives everyone a chance to say good bye to those who are headed back North.

The game is a composite of best ball of 4 on the even holes, but then on the odd holes one never knows what to expect.  There are instructions at the tee boxes for playing each of those odd holes, and that is where the fun comes in.

The instructions can range from choosing one club to play the hole from tee to putt.  In the years past there were some very ridiculous and not so fun instructions, but this year they were golf related and much more fun.  On a particular par 3 all four players had to be on the dance floor or else we could move on and take a 5.  One hole we played as a scramble, etc.

I did enjoy this years event much more than any in the past.  We had a great time.

I do have issues with myself though.  I was the “A” player for our team (we were on the gold side), and for some reason I think it is more for the “C” and “D” players to enjoy these venues than for us “A” and “B” players.  It is the laxity in have no real playing that gives the higher handicappers a good time, they are under no pressure to perform.  I am just there and have no compunction to do anything.  So this is something I must work on.

There is always something to learn and the discovery means another challenge to improve who and what I am.  I believe we are all put here for a reason, and as we grow we learn and teach.

So the golf won the bragging rights for the year.  Am grateful that our side did contribute to the win with a 61.

We had our election for the new Women’s Association we have been trying to establish for the 9 years we have all been here.  This is a story I will share eventually.

I am now the “member at large”, what ever that is.  Thought that I should run for some office since I instigated the most recent surge for the association.

Will have the outcome for the first round of the 4 ball match up soon.

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