Posted by: 12stepgolf | April 8, 2009

4 Ball First Round: April 4, 2009

Sorry to report that today was less than a stellar performance from both Cindy and I.

We each had some moments of brilliance but not enough to pull it off this year.

We began our move on the first hole and it was all down hill from there.  We ended loosing 6 with 5 to go.  What more can I say.

There are no excuses for such a poor day of play, wish I could find a valid reason, but I cannot.

Our opponents were Merle and Kathy, who are just terrific ladies.  When you are going to loose it sure takes the sting away when you respect those who have beaten you.

We had similar handicaps so that was a good thing-no real lopsidedness to the game.

Had my miss-shots and there was every opportunity to salvage some holes but the ball just would not fall into the hole, and my lines and weight cannot be complained about.  I really thought my putting my was better than usual, just needed perfection, this wasn’t horseshoes.

Gail, a terrific tennis player and her golfing is meeting her abilities shot a 78 and I must say that was very impressive.

So there were 4 teams knocked out today and that is just the way it was, no fabulous things to report nor nothing drastic to complain about.

We sat around after and it was really neat, I got a chance to see and chat with some friends I haven’t really seen this season.  That was great so nothing was really lost.

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