Posted by: 12stepgolf | April 8, 2009

Casualty of Casual Sunday: April 5, 2009

Casual Sunday did bring out the worse in me. All the work I try to do so that my attitude would be abated and my insides and out are congruent came to a halt. My game and I were the casualties of play today.

Cindy and Gail B., didn’t really know the amount of rag that was going on inside me. Cindy did see a glimpse of it on the 18th hole when I smacked the club on the ground after the miss hit I had.

The skin was rather thin and my aggravation level was easily triggered. The combination made for unpleasant play, I just thank God I liked who I was playing with today. My game stunk but the company more than made up for it.

We had some idiots behind us, they were right on our tails. We were being held up at each and every hole. Knew the 4 some in front of us and knew they were being held up by the 4 some in front of them. We tried to lay back. One nut ball hit right into Gail’s cart at the 17th hole as we were driving, just couldn’t wait 3 more seconds. I really just wanted to wrap my club around someone’s head. Not very spiritual but we talk about progress not perfection.

The lack of respect for other golfers on the course still escapes me-what is the big hurry-we didn’t like waiting at every tee but what are you going to do? I will tease a 4 some that is in front of me if they are buddies and know that they are just enough out of range that they may hear my ball drop, but I would never truly or deliberately hit into someone. Why no one yells FORE on a golf course around here puzzles me also. I was always taught to yell loud and clear.

This is what causes the pace of play to be disrupted. The 4 some in front of us although they were slowed down had a rhythm, which in turn we slowed our rhythm down-but we had a pace until those jerks who had no rhythm decided to create a different rhythm and thought they knew better. Golfer want-to-bes is all I can come up with. There is that contest again to see who can play the fastest. No respect for the game or fellow golfers, there just is no excuse for people like that on a golf course.

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