Posted by: 12stepgolf | April 16, 2009

They just don’t get it and I wonder why

I was at the TEA party in Naples yesterday and it was awesome.  So many freedom lovers all congregated at one place was just a beautiful experience.

I made the comment on how different we are from our counterparts-We are all so angry and yet we were mannerly and smiling and there wasn’t one person I saw with any hatred in their actions or expression.  When I have tried to get throw a leftist protest they have blocked my car and actually hit it and called me names and were just downright hateful.

I have been reading some of the leftists comments on the parties held yesterday and it is a shame they just don’t get it.
Why do they hate us so much, I would really like to know the answer to that.
I think it is because they are very text booky dysfunctional, they have issues they have never dealt with and us the “right” as a punching bag-I am a conservative and am considered at threat? It must be because we represent adult supervision.
There is no wisdom from their side, only dribble and hate.
Someone tell me why they are threatened by someone like me and why do they hate someone like me.
If it weren’t for people like me there would not have been an America and we would have been part of the United Kingdom or Belgium or Spain-the ones who held half the world in their commonwealths.
Please explain this upside down world to me.

I know they need therapy and maybe some lessons on freedom and liberty-Have non of them studied the founding of this country?

We are living in the age of the “People of the Lie” (Scott Peck must reading).

Journalists need to expand themselves and read what objectivism really is with good dose of Ayn Rand-but that would scare them and expose themselves for who and what they really are, and they couldn’t live with the truth.

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