Posted by: 12stepgolf | May 21, 2009

Obama on National Security

Listening to the President this morning has been rather baffling.  He actually believes that people think the way he does.  He has talked so much about “enhanced interrogation” and trying to justify to us his thinking.

Everyone has gone on about Gitmo-I would like to know what it is that is wrong with it.  They use the word Gitmo but they never tell us what it means.  I think it is a prisoner of war detention center, but when they use it they make it sound like the Goulog-the salt mines of Siberia or the Tower of London where beheadings took place on a regular basis.

The phrase “rule of law” seemed to be stressed more than enough times to become his mantra, but as we have been learning the “rule of law” is very selective on his part.  When it serves their end they refer to the rule of law, but how many rules of law have been broken since he has taken office.  Look at GM just to name one.  Contracts mean nothing but they are the rule of law in commerce.  Rule of Law is only what they want it to be, that good old spirit of the law which is any way I want to interpret it.

He thinks he has new ways of viewing all that has happened during the past 8 years-and if they were not in the business of demonizing Bush and the Republicans all of this would not be an issue today.  They stopped the progress over the last 8 years so they could gain power and implement the same stuff but then take credit for it.

Everything they have used to demonize the Bush administration was taken out of Lenin’s handbook for the Russian revolution.  He used WWl to do his dirty deeds and gain power and tried to have everyone believe he was the purveyor of peace, while he was demonizing and plotting the instituionalization of Communism.

Does anyone who has any hope for this nation see or care what is really happening to our world and our nation? Beware and be careful.

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