Posted by: 12stepgolf | June 4, 2009

Where is this Muslim Nation?

After having listened to and now am reading this Obama speech to this unknown mysterious “Muslim” nation, I am struck by his disregard for truth and lack of sense in his oratory.  It all seemed rather juvenile or elementary in his knowledge of the real world.

He is pitting Islam which last I heard was a religion, against a country referred to in his speech as America.  This seems very strange to me.  He told us the other day that America is not a “Christian” country, was he talking to the terrorists?

By birth he is a Muslim, and once a Muslim one is forever a Muslim.  These extremists interpret the Sharia Law into the belief that one cannot convert away from Islam, do they not or is that just a common belief among Islam?

He credits the Islamic world with much of what had been accomplished prior to the Mohammad era.  Babylonians had Algebra before there was Islam.

Back to my point of this great nation of America, which is still a country that was founded on Christian principles, and no matter what the left tries to do to those principles we cannot deny the initial impact they had in the formulation of our nation.  If it wasn’t for Christian principles there would never have been an America (a USA).  So is he cloaking the truth in calling the terrorists hatred of Christianity behind the word America?  Is this really a struggle of two religions?

Obama made referrence to the Cold War and how the Middle East “Islam?” was used as a proxie and a pawn, does he not remember who said at he United Nation’s in the 1950’s “we will bury your”?  Maybe we should not have fought the Cold War and let the Soviet Union bury us in the 60’s and be over with it.  The left wouldn’t have anything to bitch about then, the whole world would have been communist for 40 years and there would be nothing for them to do.  We could have surrendered to evil early instead of now.

Another thing that really ticks me off is the word “torture”.  Who gives him the right to redefine that word.  Now what our troops went through by the Japanese in WW2 and in Nam-that was torture.  Staying up all night (being deprived of sleep) is not torture.  Please try to equate having bamboo shoots hammered under one’s fingernails, starved to death, beaten, breaking bones, or tieing someone onto an ant hill then pouring honey all over them, to a little water up one’s nose-have a Vernor’s Ginger Ale and you will experience the same sensation as “water-boarding”.  We normal everday citizens get more torture than anyone at Gitmo just with the stupid idiotic diatribes from the lefties in this country-just listen to Chris Matthews or Janenane Garafalo for 1 minute, that would drive anyone to the brink.

There were no new policies in Barack’s speech-it is the same that has been set in stone since Woodrow Wilson-Obama my just cover it up in a new package.  Although it seems like human rights don’t matter anymore, just as long as we all get along and have no more wars, how you like that Jimmy Carter?  It seems that as long as we are given food and clothing and a roof over our head we should all shut up and be grateful what the respective government will give us, and if there is a peep out of any of us we are going to be sent to the “Goolog” for non compliance with the “collective good” and then we can have ourselves tortured and re-wired so we can conform to the “new” way of living in this “collecitists” society.

So what is it that this new president is good for?  I don’t have a clue, but I am not impressed nor am I hypnotized by his rhetoric, am not one of his cultists, I do not believe in politics of personality, like they do in North Korea or how tyrants gain and stay in power.

We are not to consider ourselves as a “Super Power” anymore, well I am afraid that isn’t what any of us wanted to begin with anyway.  Who did the world look for to help them-the USA-we were the one’s there to defend them and help them and we becoming a “super power” just happened.  We didn’t colonize the world we helped de-colonialize it.

Our nation has nothing to be ashamed of ever-mistakes were made over the past 70 years, but they were mistakes.  There has been at no time a desire on our country to dominate anybody or anything.  The left seems to want to though-with all the hate speech that comes out of their slimmy little mouths.  I think they have some real deep issues they should have dealt with in therapy or maybe they are just evil.  They project all their defects of character unto us-accusing us of the very things they do.

More tomorrow

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