Posted by: 12stepgolf | June 6, 2009


Mr. Obama’s speech fell short of his title “The Orator”.  He really doesn’t do it very well.  There is something intrinsically disgusted in his psyche.  He cannot make a speech without personalizing it.  His speech, when compared to the speeches before him, was not of the caliber of gratefulness displayed by the others.

He is always giving a lecture, we are supposed to be the students and he is the grand master.  That is probably why he did so well among college students.  I and many others do not need to be lectured.

I think he has been exposed if anyone is trully willing to admit it for not such a hot shot after all.  There was not true emotion for the heroism of the men of D-Day.  He delivered some words today but he was very disappointing.  Gordon Brown was passionate and emotional, even the young PM Harper from Canada felt more in his oratory than the Presiden of our USA.

He doesn’t care really he can’t seem to understand the truth about what patriotism encompasses.  Perhaps he has a sense of guilt for his own Fascism, guilt and shame are great emotions if they change one’s heart to reverse course and begin to do the right thing.

It was the USA that helped liberate Europe and make them a peaceful continent and protected them all those years during the Cold War, and now they want us to give up our way of life, the life our boys died for, to comply with their whims and falsehoods about liberty and democracy.  We have been sharing our wealth for 65 years along with our desire to liberate the world from tyranny and ignorance and poverty.  What have they been doing for 65 years, nothing but critisizing us.

They can take the UN and shove it, they take and take and take from us and then keep stabbing us in the back with their liberalism.

Thanks but no thanks.

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