Posted by: 12stepgolf | June 9, 2009

Stack and Tilt

There is a popular golf swing method and it is called the Stack and Tilt golf swing.  It is a simple golf theory but the results are fabulous.  All the PGA tour players who have adapted to this swing are having remarkable results.  I first heard of it myself only two weeks ago when I had to see my pro, Linda Rennick,  for a slight correction in my irons (this slump has lasted over 3 months and it just wasn’t working itself out).  We discovered I was in a limbo with my swing not really a traditional pivot but yet not a true “Stack and Tilt” as it has been described to me.

I have always kind’a threw my left knee out a tad, and tried to have the traditional weight shift at the same time, but now they both were working against me.  I was then trying to over swing and just get it over with so I could go on to the club that didn’t give me this heartburn.  I also shortened up my stance so much it was only down to 12 inches between my feet.  I have seen so many women with such broad stances, so much wider than their entire bodies and it always looked so awkward and I then in turn have shortened mine so much that I didn’t even have anything between my feet.  I never ceases to amaze me that we can loose something we have had no problems with for years and then we get a little sloppy then a little more and then before you know it we have destroyed that particular part of our game.

We golfers are always looking for new methods and ways to improve our game and trying to do things that will give us an edge.  The Stack and Tilt  golf swing is being hailed as the swing of the future (but I found so much of the past in the actual execution it just felt old, old, old school).  It is a very efficient and your contact with the ball is much more consistent.  You will hit the ball in the same place more often than not.

This may not be the method for you, not everyone has the same swing patterns and what may be difficult for some may come easy for others.  If you have been struggling with your golf game and nothing has felt natural and you are wondering what that club is doing in your hand , I recommend looking at this method.  It is almost like that “aaha” moment, it just may click for you.  I am working through the demerging of may two golf swings but I have felt and see the difference in my swing.  I am able to concentrate on course management knowing I have better control of my golf club.  This method also feels just like it was meant for me and I had been doing it off and on over my golfing life thinking I was not doing the right conventional swing we were taught, so I would cast it off and try to do it the “right” way.  I did ok the old way but there is always too much thinking and loosing it too often was predictable.  Now I have permission to use it all the time.

Read more about this new method at:

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