Posted by: 12stepgolf | June 18, 2009

PETA-Where is the outrage?

I am so sick of these sickos defending a fricken fly and dead fish yet will not speak out on what we have just been witnessing with the use of horses in the Gaza strip.
I am one animal lover who is just disgusted with PETA’s lack of really caring about real animal rights. They are just a bunch of loony toons who are narcissistic headline grabbing locker room babies.
They believe their locker room humor and infantile arguments are doing animal good. They turn people off to the real plight of animal abuse. What about road kill-it sickens me to see the number of animals that lie dead on the side of roads-stupid drivers who should take the time to use an animal running in front of their car as a drill to avoid hitting a human being.
Is there a way for anyone to sue PETA for allowing the brutality and inhumane treatment of animals because they are a joke and no one takes the reality of animal abuse seriously when they make a mockery of it?

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