Posted by: 12stepgolf | June 26, 2009

Neda vr Michael Jackson

So here we go again wasting time on the cable news channels. Enough is enough. Fox spent all last evening going over and over again Jackson’s death, I can’t believe they can fill that many hours with “Michael Jackson died today”.

Neda, the young Iranian woman killed last week who has become an icon of the protests, seems to have been forgotten due to the untimely death of Michael Jackson.

How do these “serious” journalists live with themselves reporting hour after hour the dribble and nonsense they present concerning the pop culture icon? I can understand his popularity and what he did for the music industry and “artists” around the world and how people loved his music. It is this obsession with icons of pop culture and I mean POP CULTURE, that I find difficult to comprehend.

We have real news going on around the world-they have given more time to Michael Jackson’s death in less that 24 hrs than they have to Darfur since the onset of that conflict.

They did the same thing about the real threat of terrorism-they wasted our time on everything but the seriousness of terrorism prior to 9/11. I am a news junkie and have cable news on 24/7, I don’t just get info at 6 and 11.

If it isn’t Brittany or Paris or some teen idol we get very little news that is really serious unless war breaks out. Don’t they know that we need to know what is really going on in the world outside celebrity and pop culture?

Today they are spending time again on talking about what they don’t know and speculating this and speculating that-cannot they wait until they actually learn something and then tell us in a 30 second blurb or just have it on the kyron and not bother with verbalizing anything.

Wasted days and wasted nights, and they wonder what is wrong with society as long as they choose to keep everyone ignorant nothing is going to change.

They spent a little time on Farrah and a little on Ed and that was fine, that was acceptable amounts of time, and I am grateful they didn’t spend hours and hours and hours on their lives and times.



  1. It just shows how capricious the public’s attention is. Yesterday demonstrator numbers had dropped, it seemed as if the brutality was finally dissuading everyone. So they needed all the support they could get, then MJ died and everything stops for a celebrity. One who’d admittedly had a profound cultural impact, but really hadn’t been relevant for the last 20 years.

    Iran’s government and clerical elite must be rubbing their hands with megalomaniacal zeal that the death of an African American, who’d bleached his black skin white, captured the world’s attention away from them. At least the Iran election went back to trending on twitter today.

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