Posted by: 12stepgolf | July 7, 2009

My 12 cents on Sarah Palin

Sarah just flipped everyone the finger and nobody can stand it.

I did want to post some deep thinking thesis on spirituality and how to attain a closer relationship with a Higher Power-I have about 15 pages that need to be posted.

The more I have been exposed to today’s political news I am convinced that not to many of the pundits and news people cannot think out of the box.
We are in some formative change worldwide and seeing a real woman make real decisions about life and family and God are alien to our illustrious know it all’s in the political world.

Whether Sarah runs or doesn’t run isn’t the issue. She is going to be someone who can reach the hearts and the souls of many people because she speaks truth. Truth is not something they can comprehend. She isn’t here to make anyone happy except herself and her family. BRAVO GIRL!

There is a higher calling that political office or trying to lie at any cost to be elected for elections sake.

Sarah like so many of us who try to get people to pay attention to what is really happening around them, get tired of all the craziness that we see happening around us. In our own little way we want people to think outside the box which has been the “new common sense” foisted upon us by the media and blogs and twitters by big mouth adolescents who still think that making fun of others is brilliant.

You have those on the left like the Huffington Post or the DailyCos or even Mareen Dowd whose only purpose is to destroy people or ideas they don’t agree with. Destruction is the only thing they care about-while they are the only ones who can save the earth. OH PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK YOU VIPERS AND HYPOCRITES. They write there vile postings and sit there teeheeing “we really got them on that one”.

What goes around comes around and every dog has their day-and I want to be around when they will have the public turn on them and they are exposed for what they really and truly are. Arianna Huffington is a woman scorned and her bitterness and ambition is evident in her hate filled obnoxious change from that rightwing diva to here leftist rantings. This diva did not get the recognition that she thought she deserved so she switched (sorta like her ex-husband) to find “love”. Most of these purveyors of hate don’t have a belief system they will do anything to promote themselves for fame and fortune. What ever it takes to make themselves important among their “classmates” seems to be OK. They hate themselves so much that they project that hate onto others. They are the bullies of the world that make fun of others. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you-well if anyone would try they call foul.

I am sure if they were to read this it would be so far over their heads that they couldn’t comprehend how very psychopathic and in need of deep therapy they truly are. There really is a psychosis and neurosis in these individuals. They don’t use guns but are no more than serial killers. They think it no more than a food fight-well go back to the dorm and have your fun get out of the lime light.

These people are not normal their thought processes do not function normally and they are the people of the lie. They are mentally deficient and there are actually people who listen to them, not any different from David Koresh or The Heaven’s Gate leader Applewhite. They preach as sick a doctrine at these wackos and have their cultists following them.

They have no souls to search so redemption is probably not within them. I would like to pray for their souls but I am of the belief there are some that are so far gone that there is no hope for them nor does God want anything to do with them anymore. They have made their decisions to sell their souls to the devil and that is that-they made their choices I just wish they would leave us alone so we can make our decisions and choices without them pointing a finger at us and telling us we are stupid and dumb and ignorant and misguided.

What gives them the right to judge me and not let me judge them? I have taken the log out of my eye-how about taking the tree that is growing in theirs? Blinded by fame and fortune, who ever has the most toys wins. They have a strange and destructive dogma-it is their religion and they make fun of mine. These are very sick and demented people and they are beyond hope.

I salute Sarah Palin and wish her the best regardless of what her future may be. She is one hell of a women, and she is so young. Sarah may not have political savvy but she has a wisdom that runs deep. Sarah is not a prisoner of the material world. She probably has had a difficult time articulating what she knows because it is from a spiritual connection that no one can understand, perhaps that is why those who have sold their souls hate her so much they see in her that which they cannot have.

I take my hat off to Sarah and am proud of her. She sees the world differently than most of us. No wishy washy persona in her. Honesty-how refreshing. More than a conqueror, I guess it is too far on a higher plane that the ones who wallow in the dirt could understand.


  1. A politician who speaks truth? What flavor is the kool-aid?

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