Posted by: 12stepgolf | July 10, 2009

Another Apology?

I don’t know about anybody else but I am fed up with any American President apologizing for anything and anyway our country used to keep me safe over my life time. The American doesn’t have to apologize for having been the most prosperous country of all time. I think we have contributed to end world poverty disease and the take over by Fascists and Communists and a whole bunch of real nasty people.

This Oprah religion that Mr. Obama is touting around the world is based on the “Course in Miracles”, a good read but it really is based in fantasy. I know I was swept up in myself in the early days. It is no more than a mechanism for surrender to collectivism. It is another method for loss of individuality and more singular relationship with God.

It makes the reader believe that it is a more elaborate well defined meaning of the New Testament based on these automatic writing of this psychologist who just was picked at random to become the new prophet for the “New Age”.

In theory the precepts sound magnificent, but it does not take into account physics, metaphysics or the universal law and order of things. It wants you to believe that apology (and I do believe in the power of forgiveness) is just a matter of saying an apology. It doesn’t go into the real hard work of getting to true forgiveness. Just forgive the rapist the murderer the child molester the liars and the cheats and the thieves, and the whole world will be a better place. They never think of working on the heart of the corrupt only that the victim needs to forgive these wackos.

There is the law of for every action there is a reaction, it just wants everybody to live in “love”-but would somebody define “love”. You can’t describe the love of God it is beyond the human ability to understand what it really is. We bandy around the word love (agape) with none comprehending it or even understanding it. Parents even are confuse on how to “love” there own children that they allow them to post most of the horrific pictures and videos on the net, because they want their children to not hate them for the discipline they should give their offspring.

He doesn’t need to be preaching to any of us who have been working the steps necessary to become better in our spiritual walk. What he needs to do is go talk to his side and convert them. These vile mouthed hate filled anti-American friends.

He is not cool nor hip, he is just another politician only. He hates America the way it was and will only love it when it is created in his image of what it should be.

We did not exploit other countries the way we could have. We didn’t go in and colonize a country and turn them into a cash cow. We were not the imperialists that others think we were, we had no commonwealth. Perhaps others do not understand capitalism. Back in the good old days before the unholy troika of big business, big government and big unions there was just the American spirit to develop and explore. I don’t like Mr. Obama apologizing for the American spirit and how we consumed nor used the worlds resources-nobody was using them anyway but us. It wasn’t our fault they were not as productive as us. We paid good money for everything we consumed, we didn’t get anything free.

An Mr. Al Gore I believe that you did go over the edge in 2000 and did have a nervous break down and you haven’t recovered and went into neurosis and are really a crazy man. Most people have enough difficult living in today let alone trying to think 20 generations from now. Does anyone really care what the Earth is going to be like in the year 2200? I am sorry but I don’t. It never ceases to amaze me how the Human species survived (thrived) prior to all the junk science that they try to feed us.

My daddy always told me to think-think-think and it just seems like everyone accepts everything they are fed without thinking. No one even listens to themselves when they talk and most don’t even know what they are saying, so how could anyone even figure out the lines of bull others are feeding them.

Just some more food for thought if you may need something to think about.

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