Posted by: 12stepgolf | July 17, 2009

New Hate Crimes Bill?

They are at it again up on the Hill trying to present themselves as such caring sympathetic representatives.

They are expanding the “hate crimes” bill today.

“The Senate voted Thursday to attach a hate crimes bill as an amendment to a must-pass defense spending bill expected to be completed next week.

If passed in its current form, the legislation would expand federal hate crimes to include those perpetrated against people because of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. It would also remove restrictions on federally protected activities.”

Christian Post

When will this insanity end? Does a bill have to be passed each and every time somebody stubs their toe? These people who think their losses are any more important than anyone else’s must get a grip on themselves. Murder is murder and making it a “hate” crime doesn’t make anyone more dead. These usually are the one’s who don’t support the death penalty when it comes to other victim’s losses. They just want people to know how pissed they are because somebody they loved died, they are more special than the rest of us.

Who among us has not grieved profusely over the loss of a loved one? What makes somebody’s loss harder to deal with than the family who lost someone in a drive by shooting or a senseless robbery. When is it ok for someone to die and when is it not?

Does dubbing the death of a loved one make the grieving process any easier for the survivors? Does saying someone is going to pay for their hate make the pain go away? Do they really believe it will be a determent for to future crimes? When hate runs so deep in the human psyche there is no thought to being caught and it is irrelevant if it is called a hate crime or not.

How many “rich” people have been murdered by “poor” people?  Is this class warfare at the max?  Is this justified homicide?

What about the guy who goes into his attorney’s office and shoots him because he hates the outcome of the divorce proceedings?

Then the hater who hates haters-what if we have this group who go out and kill the haters of the world-that is a hate crime?

We can go into even more insane scenarios, it just goes on and on and on and on.


In his comments Wednesday on the Senate floor, McCain said it would be “absolutely wrong” to treat identical crimes differently depending on the police officer or prosecutor’s determination of the political, philosophical, or even religious beliefs of the offender.
The senator emphasized that crimes motivated by “hate” deserve vigorous prosecution, but so do crimes motivated by absolute wanton disregard for life of any kind.

Article published July 15, 2009
Nevaeh may have been buried alive
Girl, 5, died of asphyxiation, inhaled dirt, autopsy shows

Nevaeh Buchanan, 5, of Monroe was found dead June 4.


MONROE – Nevaeh Buchanan, the murdered 5-year-old Monroe girl whose body was discovered by fishermen last month, may have been buried along the River Raisin alive, authorities said yesterday.

Now how can anyone tell me that some adult “Queen”, who on gay pride day will display some of the most disgusting behavior, be more important than this 5 year old child? Murder is full of hate anyway you look at it. To raise somebody’s death as superior to an others is pure politics, plan and simple. It is nothing more than “PC” “Political Control”, there is nothing correct in political correctness, it is sense run amok.

The arguments used to justify any of these stupid idiotic bills to appease some small group of whiners has got to cease. Anyone-anywhere who says “there needs to be a law”, is only looking out for themselves and not that “collectivism” they would wish to have everyone else conform to, that alone is the first hate crime.

There were a couple of wars we fought to eliminate the dictation of a police state. The brown shirts are certainly just around the corner. The thought police are coming to your house soon. Today it is hate crimes, the next phase is political speech.

They are blaming Christians for hate. Oh, give me a break. Get rid of your guilt and shame and quit blaming others with your hateful speech. Does anyone really believe that Christians promote violence? There is just so much stupidity to any of these arguments-there are some loonies who are out there at those cemeteries-but are they really Christians (I think not-they hate everybody and everything-but I believe they hate God most). Just because somebody may disagree with you doesn’t raise it to hate. Christians preach allot of things-do they go out and shoot drunks? For years as a Catholic I was taught that the only one true church was the Catholic church and one couldn’t even have a non-Catholic friend, did I want to go out and shoot or murder non-Catholics? No is my answer.

Those who hate must find an object for their hate, when it all stems from their own self hatred. Those who won’t use a gun will use character assassination or some other form to destroy the object of their hate. These children of the Freudian generation have sympathy for the gang member who murders an innocent but where is their psycho babble when it comes to these other insane thinkers.

The whole world is insane and our legislators are even more insane than the rest of us. They should have more sense and think about what they are doing before they surrender to the “thrill” of the moment. Are there any adults anywhere who can bring some common sense back to the world? The inmates are truly running the asylum. The sane are being governed by the insane.

The dysfunctional are passing laws, what a wonderful world we live in.

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