Posted by: 12stepgolf | July 17, 2009

Would Somebody Stop the Madness

Here we go again.  The sky is going to fall if Obama doesn’t get the health bill passed by the August break.

The same things are being said today as were said for his stimulus bill, and we all know how well that is going.

Does it really makes any difference in the large scheme of things if the Congress waits and reads the bill and at least tries to get some of it right?  They can wait six months before they vote on the dang thing.

His agenda is not America’s agenda, what in God’s name is he so afraid of?  There is something driving him to ram all this garbage down everyone’s throats, and it is not audacity it is arrogance.  Bill Clinton thought the same things when he was first elected and learned his laser beams where not such a great idea.

The community leader just ginning people up again-that is all they are good for.  If community leaders actually led to a better way of life we wouldn’t be facing all this insanity that is rampant in this country.  All these “leaders” do is gin people up and create a way to make government take of the people rather than teaching them how to live without government subsidies.

As the day goes on it is just getting crazier-lets hope the week end will stop some of the insanity out of Washington

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