Posted by: 12stepgolf | July 25, 2009

Obamba and the Professor

I am hearing many ask why Obama commented on the Gates/Crowley controversy take over the healthcare debate.  Simple, the Blue Dog Democrats where not co-operating and that was more of a flap than a Black president talking about race relations.

How convienent the question was the last one at a presser about healthcare that gave little or no information of where we really were in the process or how much the President actually knew about the bill.

It was nothing but a nice little distraction until the Blue Dogs fall in line and give the Liberal wing what they want.  There can be no day light between the Dems.  They must all walk in lock step and the public must blame the Right.

It didn’t matter that the President was dijointed at the presser and only sorta answered 11 questions in 55 minites.  The distraction was planned and the media ran with it.  Some newsers can do more than one story at a time and the truth about the Blue Dogs did not fall off the radar screen.

They knew exactly what they were doing when he answered the Gates controversy but it doesn’t change the debate about the healthcare problems.

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