Posted by: 12stepgolf | July 25, 2009

Vandies 2009 Solheim Event

During the Summer months here at Vandie there are not any club sponsored events,  it is rather slow, and we only have a small compliment of residents.

Vanderbilt is a bundled golf community in Naples, Fl.

Last year there were two industrious women who decided to break the monotony and took it on their shoulders to organize a Summer Solheim event for the ladies.

Natalie and Regene have run this event for the 2 years it has been played.  It is now a tradition.

We have 3 consecutive days of match play.  We are split into Team USA and Team Europe with 28 points at stake.

There are 7 matches the first day which consists of 28 players and is a Four Ball (better ball).  Two USA members play 2 European team members.  Playing off the lower handicap, the net better ball of the two determines if the hole is won or lost or tied.  7 points at stake.

On day two, members from each team hit alternate shots from the tee box until the final putt is holed.  One team member hits the drive on the odd numbered holes and the other team member hits the drive on the even numbered holes, which is determined by a coin toss at the first tee.  The handicaps of both team members are added together and divided by two.  The net better score of each team determines win lose or draw.  7 points at stake.

Day three is straight match play.  One member from each team against each other.  Using handicaps, the net better ball of the two players used to determine win lose or draw.  14 points at stake.

The team winning the majority of the 28 available points wins the Cup.

I know there are plenty of country clubs nationwide  who are having trouble with memberships faltering.   Even our reciprocal program is a bit slow this year.  The public courses I am familiar with are experiencing the same problems.  This venue is a great and neat way to guarantee some tee times and could be a decent money maker for some clubs.

This was my first year and was placed on Team Europe.

Regene was captain for Team Europe and we sure thought we could pull off a win this year but to all our dismay it was Team USA again with 13.5 points.

Regene and I went up against Winnie and Sandy on day one.  We gave it our all and we won by 4 holes with 3 to go.

Day 2 Sue and I were paired up, and we went down to the wire against Winnie and Bev losing on hole 18, all we needed to do was win the hole to halve the match but the putter didn’t work like it did the day before.

Day 3 and it was Winnie and I head to head.  I had little prospect of winning anything, even if I was spotted 5 strokes.  None of us are Spring chickens down here and 3 days in a row of golf was taking its toll on all of us, especially in 90+ degree weather.

We left the front squared.  I did get a stroke on the 10th where we both did bogie, but I won the hole with that stroke.  Eleven I won outright, a stroke didn’t come into play.  We tied the 12th with no stroke.  I messed up my drive to the 13th par 3 but almost parred it with a chip that hit the pin but didn’t fall in.  Up by one as we went to the 14th where I won the hole with no stroke in play.  Sitting 2 up as we get to the 15th and it was funny.  We drove the par 3 and we both were sitting about 6 feet away from each other on the back of the green.  We both parred so no blood.  On 16 I did get a stroke, and we halved the hole with a 4 and a 5.  Up with 2 to go at 16, and it looked like we were going to go to 18 but I made my putt and we halved the hole with no stroke in play.  It was a great round.

Everyone went to Regenes for the celebration.  The gals here are great, and we are one big happy family.

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