Posted by: 12stepgolf | August 7, 2009

The confused left and Nazism

The labor union thugs are now being turned on the ordinary citizens.  I knew it was just a matter of time before they would send the dogs on us.

The SS is here in the unions, and Nancy and Dems call the right NAZI, excuse me but wasn’t that the National Socialists Worker’s Party?  This country needs some education on who is really who in this country.  NAZI techniques is what the left uses to intimidate all others.  These things have to be clarified and the misuse of terms is right out of George Orwell.  The collective is on the left where they have been disrupting legitimate debate for the past 30 years.

They forget the old adage “you may be pointing one finger at me but there are3 others pointing at you”.  In a nutshell they are what they accuse others of being.  They are transparent to me and it is high time they get it from the public for thinking we are just a bunch of hicks who don’t know anything.

Believe me it has nothing to do with race. Obama is still 50/50, so they better stop throwing out the race card.

Why are they afraid of us old farts who don’t like Socio-Communism?  We aren’t stupid.

We are the Independents, the Libertarians and Conservatives who are tired of being pushed around.  We all have been so busy organizing our own lives we have allowed the Neo-Fascists to get organized to take our liberty and freedom away.  We are not the organizers of the world, we hear something that is distasteful and act upon it.

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