Posted by: 12stepgolf | August 14, 2009

Ms Sheila Jackson Lee

Ms Lee does not understand what her position is and what the word representative means.  She seems a bit confused about what public servant means and what a representative republic is.

Watching Sheila on Greta’s last night, while trying to explain the phone call incident, was very painful.  The woman just would not shut up.  How could she ever listen to any constituents when she has all the answers before one is even asked?

Ms Lee was not at the town hall meeting to listen.  Her words speak for themselves.  She said her job was to convince the voters that the bill HR3200 was good for them.  That shows her upside/down thinking.  She has to shut up and remember who is the boss, and it isn’t her.

Is the neurosis in our representatives go so deep that they equate a vote for them to go to Washington to represent us, with an approval to go and do whatever somebody else wants them to do?

Have these elected officials confused a vote with, “I love you, unconditionally”?  Love is the furthest thing from a vote.  An election is a business deal not a marriage.  We hire them to do our BIDDING not the other way around.

The socialists re probably not going to get their way this time.  The universal health-care that Teddy wanted passed before he died will not happen, that is why they were rushing this whole thing.  The sad part is they will be that much closer to their vision.  It will be coming to us later.

ACORN and SEIU members were being bussed to the town hall meetings yesterday.  They were there to counter punch the majority of citizens objecting to the HR3200 bill.  They were yelling about the objectors yelling, DUH.  There is something happening here and the divisions are getting wider and deeper.  Less than 12% of the population will be dictating to the majority once again.  They take this minority rights thing much too far each and every time, and this has to change.  This is not the way to a more perfect union.  When will they get it through their thick skulls?


  1. Who is really behind the hate, fear mongering, image of assassination of Obama and unrest at the health care town hall meeting?

  2. You should take the swastikas and images of Hitler as an objection to the way Washington is acting as NAZIs. People really “hate” the way they are being treated. It isn’t we who hate America a Representative Republic.
    12% want to dictate to the majority once again, stop taking this minority rights thing so seriously, sometimes the rights the minority want are not rights. Should we all stop sneezing because 2 of you don’t like sneezing.
    You just have everything backwards.

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