Posted by: 12stepgolf | August 15, 2009

Those Misunderstood “Death Panels”

To all my “Progressive and Liberal “friends” out there and Sarah Palin haters:

Let me explain a few things.  Each and every time government gets its hands on something they seem to screw it up.  A simple little bill for widows and orphans has turned into the bankrupt Social Security System.  The reason health care costs are over the roof is because of Medicare and Medicade, when government pays, everything costs more.  This was predicted by me 35 years ago.  The only reason college costs are sky high is because of all the government money floating out there in the form of grants, the increase in cost is a direct correlation to the increase in government spending.  There were the unions who pushed for employer paid health care (I often wondered when they were going to strike to have their groceries paid for, too).  When we stopped paying for our own health care, we lost the control of the costs.

I can recall the old days when I was uninsured and how we could negotiate costs with the doctor, the hospital or the lab.  Today you can’t do such negotiations because if they do it the powers that be will wonder why those lower costs can’t be given to everyone (that’s what a doctor told me).

How did anyone ever get health care before the big insurance craze took hold?  Before Blue Cross and Blue Shield became a lacky for the unions, there were individual insurance plans that were affordable, or we paid cash for services.  My grandmother suffered from pneumonia in 1953, no insurance, she spent time in the hospital and never did I hear anything about “Oh, if there was only government provided health care”.  She was not rich, not by a long shot.  She managed to pay the doctor and the hospital and lived a good productive life until she passed away 6 years later.  No one at anytime ever worried or thought about insurance.  Everyone took care of themselves.

Today we have big government and big insurance telling us what and how we are going to have our health care administered.  We have created a medical monster over the past 40 years, and it has been devouring us.  It is all about the gimmee and gimmee more, as long as I don’t have to pay for it, well we certainly are paying for it now.

Now about these non existent “death panels”.  I know exactly what Sarah’s intent was when she wrote that into her article.  We may not see them come into effect in the next 3 to 5 years.  We will just call them end of life counseling sessions, something that should be done between a lawyer and a client after they have discussed such a possibility with a doctor.  I do not want to have it mandated that I must be counseled.  I may not have to in my “lifetime”, but trust me, they will be coming eventually if we get that universal health care.

It is a natural progression in the Progressive movement that will eventually lead to such panels.  It will be government dictating when your time is up.  Government will always try to make something better by screwing it up.  They can’t even fix the pot holes, so how does anyone think they can fix health care?

The ones who have to think about the future of these “death panels” are the younger members of our society.  Everyone under 35 will someday be subjected to a new set of social norms, and it will be their patriotic duty to die.

You all may think this is some Sci-Fi thinking, well doesn’t everyone like to compare H. G. Wells or Jules Vern to modern scientific research and space exploration? Had anyone ever predicted that we could ever be in a place where we devalue life as we do today, I would have thought they were nuts some 40 years ago.  I associate this devaluation with the “right” to an abortion.  There just seems something wrong with a woman wanting to kill her baby.  I don’t understand how a woman could do that.  I, being a woman cannot compute the devaluation of a fetus.  I grant you that there is a window of opportunity before that little sperm wiggles it way up to fertilize an egg, but how can you kill a baby after it has grown in a womb for even a month?  Can’t anyone douche after sex anymore, or is that too much trouble for everyone’s lazy butts?

Back to these “death panels”.  I do believe that they will be the normal progression of what we are debating today.  Socialism is when the government manages and controls the methods of productivity and when they get their hands on anything there will be the need to eliminate the unproductive because of limited resources.  It is just the logical and proven facts.  The “death panels” that Sarah referred to was a vision of the future, not for today but for tomorrow.  Like her, I am sick of this “New America” headed our way.  There has been a complete erosion of the America I grew up in, and it just keeps going in the wrong direction.

I am a baby boomer, and we only got 2% of anything we tried to do right, everything else has led us to bigger and stupider government programs and entitlements and more and more deficits.

When an alcoholic thinks about taking a drink everyone tells them to think it through to its logical end before they make the choice to pick it up.  That is all everyone has to do here, think it all out to its logical end.

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