Posted by: 12stepgolf | August 17, 2009

Kathleen Sebelius

“we don’t want to turn ‘this whole new market place’ over to the private sector and hope they do the right thing”

Did she really say that?  Yes, she did right there on television yesterday on Face the Nation.

I say, “we don’t want to turn any of the market place over to the government, who we know can’t do the right thing”.

Tell me what is this ‘new market place” stuff.

Does anyone in Washington have a clue of what insurance really is?  Are we just trying to eliminate “insurance” from healthcare?  It sounds like all they are trying to do is not have healthcare be covered as an insurance.  It is going to be a healthcare payment delivery system, health insurance would become a dinosaur and antiquated system.

Insurance is a gambling game, always was, and now if government gets its way it will just become another entitlement.

Insurance companies enter into a deal with a client.  The company takes the bet that the client will not get sick, have an accident or die, hence health, accident and life insurance policies).  If the client makes no claims the insurance company wins, but if there are claims the client wins.

The “company” wants as many bets place on many willing participants who are willing to bet on unforeseen contingencies.  Spreading the odds over many similar types of betters.  The insures (bookmakers) go and invest these bets to cover the possibilities of claims hoping to make a profit.

The insures look at the odds (actuary theories-probabilities of risk) and will place their bets according to the chances of them making money.

A bookmaker, like our insurance company, will adjust odds in his favor or may have a point spread.  The bookmaker does want to have a profit, this is his business.

When the government puts all the new rules and regulations on the “companies” there will no longer be an insurance business in this country.  I think there was some method to their madness with the take over of AIG, it will be the only game in town.

Government’s business is becoming that of business.

This is more Fascism with a hint of Socialism, do you feel it?

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