Posted by: 12stepgolf | August 19, 2009

Here We are With Another One-Barney at it again!

Barney Frank, who was voted by the Capitol Hill staffers in 2004 and 2006 as the funniest, brainiest and most eloquent members of the House of Representatives, is up to his unconversational drive by eloquence.  He points the finger at those who oppose his agenda and will not even  look at himself as possibly being wrong.

So he wants civil discourse, hey?  This fella has never exuded an aura of mutual respect.

This thug doesn’t deserve the respect he demands.  He does have a way of talking from both sides of his mouth.  His whole political career has been built on lies and when his lies don’t work he degrades and dismisses those who won’t kiss up.

Mr. Frank is an embarrassment, along with his colleagues.  They are contemptuous of those who disagree with them.  Here is a man that will deflect all criticism away from himself and direct it toward his critics.  Barney, do you really hate yourself so much that it is impossible for you to look inside yourself for the defects of character that you have perfected?

Sharp witted, I suppose he is.

Sarcastic and caustic sense of humor, absolutely.

His agenda for gays may not always correlate with other gays, but it is he who thinks he has all the answers.  He is willing to defame his critics and label them hypocrites, his way is the only way.  Has Barney ever considered that not every gay person’s life revolves around their sexuality?   Sounds like most of the flaming queens, dykes, and butches should seek some sex counseling and just accept themselves, so they will get out of people’s faces.  They all try so hard for others to accept them, but it is obvious that they can’t deal with who they are.  Should everyone have the right to work, yes.  Work is a right but what about marriage?  Has anyone thought gay-marriage all the way through to the end or is this just another derisive ploy by the left to divide this country?  Divide and conquer, that is what they like to do.  Find some ant hill and blow it all out of proportion and demonize those who disagree but make sure you have those on your side all ginned up and furious about not having a “right” that isn’t theirs.  You have to misrepresent a right to have those believe they are missing out on something.

The demonetization the left uses to silence their critics has now become so overt and blatant that I am hoping these tactics will fail.  Americans are on to their M.O., and they are no longer able to get away with it.

Everyone kept quiet for over 4 years while the left demeaned, degraded and lied to accomplish their goals to regain the House and Senate and the destruction of the Bush administration.  The citizens are waking up and are not going to sit quietly, any longer.

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