Posted by: 12stepgolf | August 26, 2009

I am so ticked

I am just so ticked off today. All the news and “as the nation mourns”. Not everyone is in mourning.
He was a murderer, a cheat and a liar.
His father was a Nazi sympathizer.
All the men in that family were guilty of infidelity.
He gets his nephew off for rape.
Sober ups and we are not obliged to accept him back.
I am a recovering alki myself, and have no pity on this little twit of a man.
Then on some of the blogs-aristocracy my a**. We fought 2 wars (1776 and 1812) to get out from under the aristocracy. Maybe everyone would like to have a Caesar or another czar in control-Nero/Caligula or maybe Ivan the Terrible would suit people.
Does anyone understand the phrase “the land of the free, and the home of the brave”, anymore?
Well we had Michael Jackson glorified after he died and now Teddy-his sister was a better man than he.
And then there is all this adulation about his fight for civil rights-guess what it all started before he finished college. Does 1957’s Civil Right Act ring a bell with anyone? You all know what I am talking about, the one the Democrats tried to block and watered down.
I cannot believe that this mythology of the Kennedys has lasted for all these years.

I really am ashamed of this country and how bamboozled they are.  Feed them a few crumbs and they will follow your creepy dead *ss for a lifetime.

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