Posted by: 12stepgolf | August 28, 2009

Nature or Nurture?

I really don’t like to post more than once a day, but something has been trying to be formulated in my mind and would like some help.

I am beginning to believe that our rational mind is in our DNA.  I don’t think it is nurtureing that really has divided us but our nature.  I do not believe there have been any “twin” studies done on this, but I haven’t really researched this facet.

When I heard about the new genetic engineering done on the marmoset to alter the DNA, I really sat up.

Most of the Greenpeacers and Sierra Club’ers only concern themselves with the genetic alteration of food, not a peep from them about humans.

Back to the point.  I have always believed there was more locked up in our genes than meets the eye.  Hair color, eye color and left-handedness or right.  I have come to ponder the ability to become an individualist and not be a victim is genetic.  I wonder why else are we so locked in our ideology.

Are we willing to go along with the crowd and believe our whole existence is based on the largess of government programs or are we the kind who want to be left alone to pursue achievements and live with integrity and virtue?  Do we find virtue as an honorable value or only something gained through other’s hard work and develop covetousness and jealousy because we do not possess what those others have?

Are we nurtured to believe others should sacrifice themselves for us or are we of the belief that everyone is capable of success and living a good and dignified life?  Do some of us not see colors but only the values a person possesses, which is revealed in their character, while others only see color and not the character of a person?

I do believe our ideology is genetic and that is the polarizing factor.  There is nothing anyone can do but genetically engineer it out of us.  This is fairly scary, we all will be victims in the next 100 years or heroes.

When they engineer everyone to be altruistic and have everyone become victims, who will they depend on to blame and rob and tax?  On the other hand, what will happen if the victim gene is altered out of everyone?  This gets curiouser and curiouser.  Who is John Galt, anyway?  Would anyone like to give it a try?

It may lie in etiosapience (the core of how we gain wisdom).  Is it the hatred of man or the acceptance of man?  Man is either  inherently good or man is inherently evil.  Which ever is in your genes will dictate which ideology you will gravitate to.  You are either born on the left or the right, and some try to compromise their genetics.

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