Posted by: 12stepgolf | August 28, 2009

Where is the Outrage? AGAIN

Here we are again.  More confusion and mixed messages from the Liberal Wing of the Democrats.

Does anyone remember Valarie Plame, the chick who is married to Joe Wilson?  She’s the Washington socialite and a former CIA operation officer, who was “outed” in an article by Robert Novak in the WP July 14, 2003.  She was the “agent” who sent her husband on an investigation of the “Yellow Cake Theory” discovered by British Intelligence and reported to our agency, unfortunately Bush believed the intelligence from the Brits.  He used it as an example during his “State of the Union”.

What an outrage over this affair.  Everyone in Washington was up in arms.  Somebody “outed” a CIA agent.  It didn’t matter that everyone had already known who she was, and what she was.

This week we learned that the ACLU is up to its consistent tricks of following the NYT footsteps by re-outing real CIA agents and putting these agent’s lives in danger.  The AG Holder wants another investigation of these agents and is threatening prosecution.

The silence is deafening.  Where is the outrage?  Should we not be protecting these real CIA agents who have had the mission to protect us?

These people who were so outraged about V. Plame don’t care a whit about what happens to true heroic agents who have dealt with the most disgusting of the terrorists breed.  They are so hateful of Bush.  Do you know why they are still so hateful of Bush?  Let me share this with you all.  They are just so ticked because the 9/11 attack happened on his watch, and he will be remembered in history for how we fought the war on terror.  See nothing happened to glorify Clinton-boring administration, remember how sad he was because there was nothing big during his administration to distinguish himself?  Well, this is where the hatred lies.  They just could not let it go-they will never let it go.  Resentment turned to hate.

They will just keep on badgering him forever until they find help for their mental disease.

So, here we are with their double standards being exposed again, and no one is making a peep.


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