Posted by: 12stepgolf | September 2, 2009

The Professional versus the Amateur

As I have been surfing the blogosphere I have noticed that those professional journalists are not really as bright nor are they smarter than the great wealth of amateur bloggers.  There is the difference of having the ability to have one’s article appear on some well funded blogs, which the amateur does not have access to.  The amateur is left with self-funding and trying to make a dent with comments on those professional sites.

The debates and articles in the amateur posts are definitely more thought out and much more heartfelt.  The professionals sit in their ivory towers far removed from the pulse of the middle Americans to which they try to change, or worse laugh at and never take serious.  They peer down on the rest of the country isolated and insulated from the truth and the heart of the nation.

The “pros” have no clue, it is, as if they forget from where they come.  Perhaps, they just want of forget who they really are.

The amateur blogger is in the midst of what they write about.  The contact with the people and how they have been affected by what is going on around the world is priceless.  The amateur is in the mix, all the events impact their life directly and the lives of their neighbors.

The amateur has more interesting articles about current events than the professional.  I hope that the ability for the amateur bloggers will never be compromised nor their freedom of speech chilled in any way.  The ability to remain a free and open press depends on all these voices.

My hat off to all of you who are making a difference around the world, and I thank you.

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