Posted by: 12stepgolf | September 3, 2009

The Left and the Boy Scouts

I know we haven’t seen anything lately about the trashing of the Boy Scouts, but I am sure the next wave is just around the corner.

The destruction of the Boy Scouts has been going on for years.  The left has defamed them, tried to shame them into submission and tried to make them a fringe group.  The Scouts do have Christian values, and the left has been on the war path.

The Scouts have been a private organization since 1908.  It was founded by Robert Baden Powell to promote outdoor activity to build character, citizenship and personal fitness.  It has become the worlds largest youth organization.  We all are familiar with the good that the Scouts have done over the past 100 years, worldwide.

Over the past few decades there has been the constant drum beat attacking this organization, which is still private.  The left has tried to have the Scouts become co-ed.  We do have the Girl Scouts, but that isn’t good enough for the leftists.  They have yelled discrimination because they forbid its leadership to incorporate gays into the fold.  This private organization has rules and policies and should reflect its membership.  The courts cannot do the bidding of the left in this matter.

Why does the left hate the Scouts?  The Scouts represent everything the left despises.  The Scouts promote individual achievement, abhorrent to the leftists.  There cannot be individual achievements in a “classless” society.  One cannot “make it” on one’s own merit.  The only way anyone can achieve anything is if the proletariat chooses who can and who cannot.  The destruction of the individual spirit is necessary for the collective to succeed.

The left need to indoctrinate the youth, as we have seen in the colleges and universities during the past forty years.  The dismantling of the Scouts will leave a void where the government will be able to step in with a new and progressive organization.  This organization will be fashioned in the likeness of the Young Pioneers of the Soviet Union and Communist China.  The allegiance of the members will  be to the collective and will promote the state.  Gone will be the individual achievements and its reward.  We will have altruism as the norm.

Altruism of the left is not the healthy heroic sacrifice of the police or the firemen or the military.  When a person becomes a member of one of these noble professions they are not thinking about  altruism, that self sacrifice of the left.  The individual who joins one of these forces which defend freedom and civil order, do not believe when they wake up in the morning “how can I give my life today for the collective”.  Our brave men and women wake up praying that they will make it back home to their families in one piece and alive.  We are grateful for them and pray for the same.

The self sacrifice of the altruist is not heroic.  It is rather pathetic.  How many have met these martyrs, those co-dependents?  Those who are unable to find their own way through life.  These people are impaired  emotionally.  They have no concept of healthy boundaries.  They are self consumed with how they give and give to others.  They have underdeveloped personalities.  They wear their martyrdom as a badge of courage and everyone is going to know just how much they suffer.  This is not a healthy morality, it is a neurosis.

We have two organizations waiting in the wings to replace the Scouts.  AmeriCorps and Organize America are lurking in the shadows to take up the mantle.  The pledge of AmeriCorps sounds innocuous, but their relationship with ACORN cannot just be a coincidence.  It is another front organization funded with tax payer’s dollars to do community organizing.

Can anyone remember when communities were organized just because they were communities and everyone helped each other without any outside helpers?  We didn’t need others to tell us how to help each other or how to solve our community problems.  We did quite well.  I suppose we just didn’t measure up to those pompous brilliant thinkers in the universities who never belong to any communities outside that of academia.

Academia is the last place we should turn to for any true analysis of making things better.  These profs sit in their ivory towers with nothing better to do but theorize over things that are dysfunctional in themselves and hence project on everyone else.  This transference of defects has caused the problems we face today.  There has been this glorification of these educators who should never have nor should be given any credibility.  They are not the brightest and best this nation has to offer.  I suppose just because they can make a complete sentence may be nice.  Has anyone ever really listened to their convoluted speech?  Again I use the old saw “if you cannot astound them with your brilliance, you must dazzle them with your bull$hit”.  These elitists really aren’t as smart as they think they are.  I believe the regular citizens are the brilliant ones.  I distinguish these heroic individuals away from the collective verbiage of the “working man”, the collective only recognizes those who are unionized and don’t give a whit about all those other job holders who aren’t.

Be prepared there will be the next wave coming to destroy any and all Christian organizations.

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