Posted by: 12stepgolf | September 6, 2009

Jones is out!

In the dark of the nite we learn Jones is no longer on the payroll of the Obama admin.
Not only is it a Saturday nite, but during a holiday weekend.
Will anyone keep this debacle alive even after the Health Care speech set for this week?
I wonder when the WH lifted the ban on the visitor list they knew that Jones would be out, what category will he be put in when he visits the WH.
I do hope somebody will keep their eye on this guy, his is dangerous in or out of the WH.
The funny thing is how the mainstream media had nothing to do with the exposure of these radical minds.
God Bless David Horowitz.
A true convert from the Marxist ways of his parents. He knows the truth and should be listened to more and more.

This guy Jones was over employed as an “adviser to the president”. Here he was a 3 year convert to “environmental movement”, certainly no expert. We have thousands of people who majored in environmental sciences over the past 40 years and Obama picks this guy and probably is wondering why he didn’t get away with such a stupid appointment.


  1. There certainly is something wrong with Obama for even thinking he can hire all these “communists” as his advisors or “Czars” as Glenn Beck rightfully calls them. Did he actually think he could get away with this? Probably, because he thinks he is “lovable” as he says and his extreme narcissism precludes him from seeing right from wrong.

    Van Jones, himself is a complete and total rascist against white people. He is a dangerous man. He speaks and people yell and applaud and whatever. When I listen I don’t particularly hear him say anything intelligent or truthful. I hear lies and spins on the facts.

    Hopefully Obama will stop listening to him and take a look at the other “Czars” he hired and do the right thing–if not for the people of the U.S., which he doesn’t care anything about, but for himself so he doesn’t get impeached or found guilty of treason.


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