Posted by: 12stepgolf | September 8, 2009

Who Sold us Out?

I was corresponding with comments to a fellow blogger, but this dissertation was getting so long that I didn’t want to use up the comments section of their blog.
I thought that it may just as well be put into my space and hopefully it would be seen by that blogster.


Have any of us cornered the market on smartness.  Who among us is so dang smart that we have the answers for all that separates us?  What I see is a “yeah, but your side did this that and the other thing and blah blah blah”.  Immature arguments continually pointing fingers back and forth.  We all fall  into the fray from a deep core value.  Do we want to be treated as individuals or do we want to be a part of a collective.

I am not here to convince anyone to think “my” way.  My job is not to convince you I am right, and you are wrong, never the twain shall meet.  I am not a Republican apologist.  I am not going to defend my conservatism, either.  One man’s issues are not always the issues of another.  We get caught up in the arguments because someone accuses “our side” of something that never bothered us, and think that we have to defend something we never had an argument with to begin with.


Ever notice how policies roll over from one administration to the next?  Wilson said the US would not go be a part of WWl, that didn’t happen.  The Cold War from Truman until 1998.  Civil rights from Ike to Kennedy.  Clean are and water from Nixon to today. The arming and funding of the Afghan freedom fighters from Carter to Reagan.  The weapons of mass destruction from Clinton to Bush.  Rendition from Bush to Obama.

Cost to defeat USSR compromised with social programs to get defense spending.

Negativity about issues is in the eye of the beholder.  Listen to the solutions for healthcare from both.  Neither side is giving up some form of government interference.

One man’s cure is another mans poison  The solution is in us, I can remember when there wasn’t an obsession of being covered by employers, and if there was some plan it didn’t cover every fart.  My father was a diabetic (60 years, he was diagnosed at age 18) and we were just grateful they had discovered insulin, there wasn’t anything paid for by anyone, but himself.  He was diagnosed during the depression, there wasn’t any insurance and he was nothing but a farmer, and a poor one at that.

Did we fight Desert Storm because of oil?  That would not have bothered me, if we had.

We do suffer blow back from many a president over the years.  Why didn’t the Bay of Pigs work?

Neither party lives up to our ideals.  The congress has become so entrenched, and have turned it into a parliament of “lords and ladies”, our new aristocracy.  It is what congress gets away with behind the scenes that really has everyone in an uproar.  They sit up there pompous and arrogant with all their privilege and prestige.  One NY congress woman tells us she won’t dignify the voters who protest by having a town hall meeting.  One declares the meetings are his and forgets who is paying his salary and the jet he flew in  on.  Do you ever wonder who they are really working for?

This impressive bunch of morons have passed legislation that has no effect on their lives but continually takes away everyone’s freedom in one way shape and form, unless you live in Mass. where if you don’t want a wind farm obscuring your view.  You can fight against clean energy if you are a senator from Mass, yet force some farmer to have them in his back yard and make a fuss and they will confiscate your land.

Presidents come and go and I am believing they are just figure heads and not policy producers.   The Ship of State has been headed in the wrong direction for quite some time and I wonder if any of us really know who’s hands have been on the rudder.

Believe me I am no conspiracy theorist, but things have been looking weirder and weider.  It often looks like a whole bunch of governments got together at the end of WWll and decided what was going to go forth, and what the world should be like someday.  They meet periodically seeing how they are doing and what the next thing on their game plan is.  Not a conspiracy-just a bunch of rules set forth by those who thought they could engineer the world’s political destiny.  If it were a true conspiracy we would never had all the fits and starts.  As technologies have changed and we have learned more, we just incorporate them into the future new globalization.  I think they just want to homogenize what they see as the best of all the political systems and then think it will work.  I am no genius, as many of you have noticed, but I do not believe the blending of political systems would ever work, just look around us now.   If anyone gets out of line, the US was designated as the “power” to put them back in line.

The power addicts control every aspect of every government all over the world, it doesn’t matter if you live in Europe, America, China, Venezuela or Saudi Arabia.  They need to control us.

Divide and conquer-we all choose up sides and do not see what has been the issues.  We have been moving away from “We hold these truths to be self evident……………” for so many years that I wonder if we will ever be able to return.  Obama is just another figure head moving us closer to our loss of America.

I didn’t trust Russia when the wall fell.  They told us they would bury us in the ’50s, and they don’t care how long it takes.  The corruption of the young minds began in the ’60s and still continues to this day.

There is this abduction of our own destiny and none want to take responsibility for their own fate.  Government gets into every nook and cranny of everybody’s life.

What kind of world do “we” want?  Who truly does have the solutions?  Do we want to operated our lives freely, or do we want government to wipe our noses each time we fall and get bloodied?  We listen to them say the same things only using different words.  Is there any solution?  Who is right?  Is it the socialist, anarchist, the fascist, the communist, the capitalist, the theocrat or the despot?  Should we all live under Shirah Law?  Should we allow the Ten Commandments to govern our policies?  I have the right to abort, but I have no right to refuse treatment for cancer?  Protect the minnows and to hell with the food supply.  Don’t eat meat but allow others to get away with finning sharks.  Lets make it as miserable for America and some think we have made it for others.  Lets care more about who killed M. Jackson than those in Darfur.  Has anyone cared what has been going on in Iran since the rioters have not been televised?

Are any of us able to chew gum and walk down the street at the same time?  Do any of us have an attention span longer than 3 seconds?   Can anyone remember how we got here, or does anyone even care?

Can we take all the credit for “climate change”, or is it really a natural phenomenon?  Does the polar shift really account for it?  Do we live in a violent universe, knowing that planets are not through with themselves yet?

Which band wagon are you riding and why?

Do any of our arguments count or really matter?

I am not apathetic nor a fatalist.  I like a good debate as much as the next.  I do get tired of the same old arguments with the same old lack of thinking.  We all need to get out of the gutter and start seeing who and what we are fighting for, and stop using those knee jerk reactions they count on with their sound bites.  Titillation by all sides, never being honest.  They cannot trust us.  We are not smart enough.  They are the smart ones, they control our fate.  Do they really represent any of us?


  1. 12stepgolf:

    This blog reveals a deep and creative intellect. You have a unique mind, and that’s why you ask these questions.
    But never fear, you’re not alone in your thoughts and questions. I will stand beside you and fight!


    SGP kathymac

  2. We are in this together, I have been watching for 40 years and have been prepared for those of the 60/70 to make their move.
    They are stuck in time and can’t get out of “the college of their minds”.

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