Posted by: 12stepgolf | September 11, 2009

We Shall Never Forget-Well We Have

“We are under attack?”  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from the gentleman who walked into the room.  I was 65 miles from home attending a class for another career move.

It was about 11:30 that morning when we  heard the news.  They gave us time to decide if we wanted to stay or leave.  I thought of my mother being alone during this horrific news, so I decided to go be with her.  The drive was very difficult with all the tears that were in my eyes.

How could this have happened, and who could have done it?  Why didn’t we know that there were threats to this country?  Yeah, there was Kenya’s embassies, the Cole, the first Twin Tower attack, Riyadh and numerous “lone loonies” here and abroad.  Who were these people?  AL QUAEDA?  Who in the heck are they?  Vague remembrance of Somalia and those lobs of bombs into Afghanistan began to surface.

Why didn’t we know more?  I watch the news almost 24/7, why didn’t they tell us more of these people?  How could we have not known there was really an organized group out to sincerely destroy us?

I entered the house and there was Mom.  “Oh, I am so glad your home,” she said to me with tears running down her face.  I know of no one but my mom who loved this country more, and I have met many people in my life time.

I prayed and prayed for the victims and their families and believed that all the WTC was fully occupied, and then found out how the firemen and police got just about everyone out before the buildings began to collapse.  It was weird to feel relief that it wasn’t 100,000 that died but only maybe 3000.  I was relieved that the perpetrators didn’t get their way.

We had that feeling that we are not each other’s enemy, that there was a real enemy.  The foolishness of how we demeaned and disparaged each other went on vacation, and we all felt that “united states” patriotism.  There really was something greater than our pettiness.  This is what we felt on 9/12.  We were going to avenge those deaths.  We were John Wayne and we were going to do what was right.  There were those days where we knew the greatness and goodness of this country, again.  We all loved the United States of American, we were one.

Ah, but now we all have changed, and we are now where we were on 9/10.  The enemy is  not treated as war criminals, they are just criminals.  Our ways and means used to have the enemy divulge information has been attacked along with the ones who interrogate.  Should we go back to WWII and try all the U.S. soldiers that did some unsavory things to Nazis and Japanese that were captured?  We have the internal America haters being the dominate voices and the patriots don’t get a chance to speak.  Those who disagree with the current course of events are dubbed “domestic terrorists”, citizens who may have a different idea.

We are in a 9/10 mentality and this is what we had hoped and prayed on 9/12 would not happen.  We had a focus and we were all waving those flags and new who the enemies were, those who didn’t like our capitalism, our freedoms and our ability to prosper.   They just hate us, and others will try to justify why they do.  There really is just plain old fashioned evil, and we need not try to use psychoanalysis when it comes to evil.


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