Posted by: 12stepgolf | September 12, 2009

The 9/12+12 Mission

Corruption is the symptom of the disease

Until all politician everywhere surrender to the true addiction to power we will have little hope.

There is a very destructive bipartisan consensus which is suffocating the American political life. Anyone who tries to ask fundamental questions instead of cosmetic ones is ridiculed or ignored.  I attribute an incompetent and self absorbed news media who swoon at these derelict representatives just to make them selves feel powerful and important. …….. Our country is ailing. That is the bad news. The good news is that the remedy is so simple and attractive: a return to the principles our Founders taught us. Campaign for Liberty


“We are powerless over the people, and we have made their lives unbearable and our lives have become unmanageable.”…..12 Steps to Reclaim a Nation’s Soul

Surrender to the fact that they have an addiction to power will not be an easy task.  Populations grow so they believe they need to control the masses.  They find it necessary to control more and more and enact more and more laws to direct every move of the populace.  From what we eat to what we drive to how much we can earn which in turn directs how much we can spend.  They control everything through taxation……………..

………………………..The sad part to this scenario is that there are many who believe that government is the answer.  These individuals believe they are functioning freely, but governments cannot give anyone back their soul once they have purchased it. Those who pay the bills run your life.

…………………………………..Leaders must surrender to the truth, they are sick and have the disease of  addiction to power.  They must come to grips that they do not have the interest of the populace and those who they govern in their hearts or minds.  The society they control has become as addicted as they for an “all powerful governing body”, that will ease the pain of living.  This is a fallacy.  People we love will still die.  Accidents will still happen.  Illness is a human inevitability.  Life is difficult and no matter how many times you think money will ease the pain because of some stupid law suit ending it, the pain and defects of character will still be there.


“We have to believe that we are not the power but the power resides in the people. We must not manipulate nor distort nor confuse the people any longer and restore them to their right of freedom and liberty.  Then and only then will I and my nation begin to be restored to sanity.”


12 Steps to Reclaim a Nation’s Soul


  1. May All Beings Know Peace.

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