Posted by: 12stepgolf | September 14, 2009

Healthcare-Who are the Real Beneficiaries?

I will get to that answer soon.

Would someone define for me-what “healthcare” is for you”?

I do believe we are doing the old apples and oranges thing again.  There are a gazzillion different opinions on the definition, I fear.

I wonder why there is a belief that my doctor’s office visits, my aspirins, or my vicadin have to be paid by anyone other than myself.  I have been self insured since 1988, yes my premiums have gone up, and I have had to increase my deductible to decrease my premiums.  I have, what is probably best known as accident and catastrophic health insurance.  It is an old fashioned policy, it is 21 years old.  I have had a scare with a lump on my neck, an emergency room visit with a twisted knee and chemo-therapy for a low grade lymphoma.  I had complained about my policy off and on over the life of this insurance, but I am grateful to have probably spent $21,000.00 of my share of the bills that I racked up, not including the premiums over these 21 years.

I carry homeowners insurance-I don’t expect them to pay for home improvements.

I carry auto insurance-I don’t expect them to pay for an oil change and a tire rotation.

I carry insurance for those unforeseen contingencies that I contracted them to cover with the premiums I pay them.

When did insurance for health take on a different definition?  When did insurance become a piggy bank to pay for sex changes and all other elective procedures that are not “unforeseen contingencies”?  I have a dear friend who owns a Curves-did you know a visit there will be paid by some healthcare plans, I think that is a bit extreme?  Will my face lift be covered under universal healthcare-my sagging face affects my mental stability?  How about those breast implants for the fried egg syndrome patients?

That is where I am coming from in this debate, I am a qualified bi^cher or just a bi^ch, as some may call me.

I find that healthcare has been bastardized by three entities over the past 30 years.  The culprits are Big Business, Big Unions and Big Blue Cross Blue Shield (with a smattering of AIG and others, who are health insurance providers).

I do hope I am not criticized for not going into a long dissertation on the evolutionary affects of these three entities on our healthcare system and their connections to government.  I would hope that the discerning eyes would do a little anthropological work on their own.

The unforeseen consequences law is what has been at work here.

Big Business caves into Big Union demands and Big Blue Cross gets the benefits and the dictates of the healthcare system.

As Big Blue Cross is the administrator of Medicare, it should be obvious we have another dang relationship between government and private enterprise.  Don’t get me started on the AIG bailout, the government now owns its own insurance company.  Now how about that for universal healthcare, we got this big insurance company and now what can we do with it?

So who will benefit from a revamping or reform or government take over of our healthcare system.

We all need to start connecting some dots here.  It isn’t an us against you fight.  It is that dang corruption in the halls of government that we all should be examining.  It isn’t each other’s motives behind this rebellion of another government “pull the wool over their eyes” bill, we should be questioning.  It is the power and privilege of our illustrious “leaders” who tell us from both sides of their mouth an unending trail of lies.

The fight should be directed to the corruption that will take place during the execution of any healthcare system the government wants to force down our throats.

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