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Pre Econ 101

I do hate to get so basic and unintellectual but sometimes people just don’t understand.

For those who bewail capitalism, and find it distasteful, I would like to have you consider:

Capitalism is neither good nor bad.  Capitalism is neutral, in and of itself. We must look at the bell curve again or the Goldilocks Theory:  Those who will have greed at their core of capitalism=10%, with 10% greedy with a conscious, those who will be solely altruistic=10%, 10% with altruistic leanings who want to have a profit.  The bulk of those who want to exercise some form of capitalism will fall somewhere in the 60%  middle.

Capitalism is the what separates humans from the animal kingdom, it isn’t tool making.  Animals make tools but they don’t sell them for a profit. (I am sure there is some crazy animal behaviorist out there who can “prove” that statement wrong-but guess what, I don’t trust your findings.)

There will be others who will say, “oh, yeah, where do you get your “facts”, what do you know?”  My answer is I don’t know, I just know things, maybe because I have questioned things for almost a lifetime.  I observe things and watch behavior and listen to what people say and I think a hell of a lot before I come to conclusions.

Capitalism is innate and is the cause of the “oldest profession”.  Whenever someone has something of value and there is someone who is willing to trade or barter for that something, one is engaged in capitalism.  Traders begin to accumulate wealth, and they begin to possess “capital” from which they can invest and develop means to produce more “capital”.

Social engineers want to change human nature, which has caused all these other socioeconomic systems to enter the picture.  They would like to “capitalize” on the gains wealth producers have developed, and spread that wealth around.

To achieve their goals they have needed to disparage and demean capitalism.  Capitalism=bad while only economic principles based on social needs are good.

Trading and bartering have evolved from the old Roman mercantilism and has become a science.

There are very few professions that practice “buyer  beware” and true laissez faire capitalism, among these are prostitution and drug dealers.  The professions are not rife with Harvard MBAs nor many who have even studied Econ 101, but they do have a natural instinct to sell and barter and trade.

It is so intrinsic it is definitely the most simplest forms of justice.

If I have something you want, should you steal it from me? My stuff is my stuff and your stuff is yours.  I am willing to put a price on that something, you either pay that, or you walk away and that is that.

I am in need of someone to help me produce that which I make because there is a greater demand for my goods.  Are you willing to “earn” some form of current currency for some of your time to help me produce that which I produce?  Now this becomes a contract you will work x to receive y, this is not a partnership where you would receive half of all my profits.

Now there are some other producers who need helpers with their products, helpers are beginning to become scarce.  What do I do?  I must offer 2y for the same x, enhance the reason to come help me produce that which I produce.  How much more can I charge my “customers” to pay for the 2ys and still have some profit for myself, or do I just cut into my own ys?  Do I offer that we develop a partnership and we both have ownership over the things produced, and you must pay me yy first because it was my idea and is worth yy for you to become a partner to reap half the profits?

Bartering and trading are simple and basic, that is until the intellectuals come into it to complicate it and make a capitalistic decision to sell their wares (their findings and graphs and demographics and studies and models).

Capitalism is in our DNA, thank you very much.

Man is willing to swap and barter time, ideas, skills and even their bodies (but you have no right to sell your organs).  We are not the wards of any state, and no one can possess that which we ourselves possess, within the confines of ourselves.  What I want to sell my labor for and what someone is willing to pay me for that labor should be between me and that someone.  It should not be anyone’s business what I contract myself for, unless it is public money (private money is just that-private), not my neighbor, my co-worker and not a union.

I really do not want to insult the intelligence of any readers, but sometimes I believe there are those who have gotten confused and do not understand what some things really are.  Sometimes one has to get so elementary in describing something just to have all the intellectuals understand things, rather than being caught in the rhetoric of discourse.

This is just the way things are


  1. “Capitalism is in our DNA, thank you very much.”
    I disagree. I believe we’re born onto a Capitalist framework, taught greed is good, competition is good, profit is good; we weren’t born with that, it’s social conditioning.
    It is also, a horrendous disease. I’d be surprised if people looked back in 500 years time, to our period in history, and saw anything other than a free for all, animal-like destructive nature all designed around money.

  2. How do we look back over the past 2000+ years of making capital? Now sex is in our DNA, what and how we use it is a nurture thing, just as capitalism is-how we use it is somewhat based on nurture. I believe you are accepting the “modern” description of capitalism and the intellectuals determination of capitalism. Basic tenet of trade and barter are as natural as sex.
    What are you willing to sell for a buck?
    The need to trade something of value for something else of value has always been within us.


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