Posted by: 12stepgolf | September 21, 2009

Utopia-are we there yet?

I have a challenge for everyone:

I would like to know what a “perfect” place would be like if you got your way.

I am sure that after reading all the banter out there everyone has a conceptual vision for a world that could reach their ideal.  I have not been able to glean from all I have read just what it would really look like.

I have heard and I have contributed my 12 cents to the dialogue which is strictly concentrated on the state of affairs, yet I have not found nor added to the vision thing.

I do believe having a vision a long term concept of what the world would be like if as an individual we could, let’s say-rule the world for one day.

This is an exercise to find out what is really going on within each of us as we argue the pros and cons of what is happening in the NOW.

There must be a reason for all visceral emotions that are out there.  Is this just another “football” game where somebody is up by 10 points going into the final 2 minutes?  We all claim to care about the “future” but do we?   Do we really know what we are arguing about?  I have noticed how we don’t read a full text of someone’s blog and only pick out a few key words to complain about, and that goes to commentary reading also.

We all think we are smarter than the other guy.  “I got the facts on my side”.  Do we really?  We are just as smart as anyone else, it really doesn’t take a Harvard Degree to make anyone smart, it only proves you can take tests.  A sentence here and a sentence there may look like facts, a behavior here or a behavior there, may look like facts. What we do is form an opinion based on those words and behaviors, and then point fingers.

I believe it would be a good idea for everyone to take a deep breath and look to ourselves for some answers.  We cannot find the answers if we do not ask any questions.

Please tell me your vision.  I would really like to know.


  1. Defining utopia is almost as difficult as trying to determine whether we think in words or in thoughts. The allegory of the wolf that can’t reach the grapes so it calls them sour is what happens when our visions fail to come true.

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