Posted by: 12stepgolf | October 9, 2009


Dear Freedom Fighters of Iran:
We are now aware of why the President of the “free USA” did not support you. We apologize to you, for things out of our control.
We had hoped for the support of our country for your efforts, but we have been deceived as much as you have been.
I believe an award must mean more to some people than the lives of others.


Dear Women of Afghanistan:

We are sorry to have given you hope these past 8 years. Please forgive us for what we had tried to do for you. I do not know if anyone will be watching the atrocities that will resume when the Taliban assumes power again from the Peace Prize winner-so much for peace for you.

A very saddened American

Who needs the 12th Ahmadi, when you have Barry?

P.S. to all you gloaters who forget about the 6 party talks, and the gang of 5 and all the other multilateral initiatives of the previous administration.  Oh let us forget about his African initiatives for AIDS

The only thing I can think of is that GWB  wasn’t a real socialist-close to a socialist, but still a capitalist at heart.  The capitalist framework doesn’t fit the world institutional view of how the world is supposed to look like.
There is nothing worse than the scorn of the UN-talk about holding a grudge-it all goes back to those  18 or 21 resolutions-Bush was not to act on those-the F’n Gulf war was never over, contrary to popular belief (sorta like the Korean war thing, the conflict thing), but the UN just wanted to ignore its own resolutions, that is what it does, just votes on resolutions without wanting anyone to take action.
Well heaven forbid somebody called them on it-now until the day he dies, GWB will be paying the price for flipping the UN the finger. SHAME ON YOU GEORGE

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