Posted by: 12stepgolf | November 4, 2009

Philosophy and Ideology

Why is it so wrong for people to want a country that the Founding Fathers dreamt of?  It was born in an era of enlightenment, not in the dark, dusty and dreary minds of German and French philosophies, as Marxist theories were.

Ideology is based in one’s philosophy, you cannot separate the two.
My philosophical views dictate what my ideology is.
Through practical application of living one’s philosophy one gains wisdom of their ideological solutions.  One’s ideological bent is based in a very simple philosophy:  Man is either inherently evil or man is inherently good.
Those who have no belief in “original sin” profess the loudest that man is inherently evil and must be controlled by the ideology of “government knows best.”
Those who have a faith in a God, believe that man is inherently good and will always live the ideology that man should not be controlled by any man made entity and will answer for his actions as an individual.




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