Posted by: 12stepgolf | November 9, 2009

If it were only about healthcare

This argument is not about health care, as they would like everyone to believe.  This debate is about who is in control of my life and your’s and your grandchildren’s.  If it were only about health care, we could have this issue solved in a bit of legislation that is not 2000 pages long.

Health care and medicine are not in trouble, we have been fortunate to have the best health care in the world.  Everyone is given some sort of opportunity to get care, yes they are.

Then they tell us that the cost of such care is unsustainable.  Well, who created this debacle in the first place?  The answer is, government.  When they began setting up laws, and getting their grubby little hands on the administration of a health care system, we began the problems that are facing us now.  It also looks like the unions and government have been in collusion over the years to get between the patient and the doctor.

There was this “brilliant” idea to reduce the cost of health care with the enactment, by our illustrious Congress, of Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973.  This spawned all those acronyms with the word health or medicine or patient or provider in them.  We now have created the problem with the insurance company getting between the patient and the doctor along with the government.

We were not founded on government control.  Our constitution is based on limited government into the lives of its citizens.

This so called “overhaul” of health care is usurping the power of the people to live as free people.  Humanity isn’t perfect, and will always make mistakes, but a government interfering at this level is not going to make it any better.  There will be more corruption and fraud, while they dictate to the honest law abiding citizens how to conduct their lives.  Preventative medicine (both sides talk about it) is code for we are going to tell you what to drink and eat.

They want everyone to be robotic, so they won’t have to deal with the diversity that makes up the human race.  The ultimate power grab, is to take over the “health” of a population, we are talking about someone else in control of life and death.

How is that state run health care doing in Mass.?  If health care at the state level cannot be run effectively, how can a nationalized plan be better?

There is all this intelligentsia sitting in their Ivory Towers at universities propagating theories.  These issues are moaned about and whined about by these so called “smart” people.  They believe they can figure out the solutions to our human condition.  They cannot.  They cannot change the human heart, regardless of how many laws they profess will.

I believe we fought a war in 1776 to eliminate the control of a centralized dictatorship.  We now are sacrificing those principles to become enslaved again by the control of centralized dictatorship.

This group of scholars is also those who believe in the survival of the fittest, so be careful of who they may believe to be the fittest.  We are looking at the 21st century attempt at eugenics.  They are fixated on the evolution of man, but want to guide that evolution, rather than let nature take its course.  They call themselves “free thinkers”, but they have not had a free thought in a hundred years, and base their so called logic on old and antiquated belief systems.

You may not see the evolution of what is in humanity’s future.  The evolution of governments for their so called social justice takes on Orwellian look a likes.  I had contemplated the redistribution of wealth many years ago.  I had come to the conclusion that those, whose wealth was stolen, and redistributed would end up wealthy regardless of them starting with the same equal parts.  Those who produce wealth will someway find a way to produce wealth.  Those who take and take will never produce wealth because they just don’t produce wealth, they want someone else to foot the bill.

When someone else is footing the bill there is no social justice, either.  They may believe they got revenge on the wealthy, but alas, they will have nothing without the wealthy.  The government isn’t wealthy without those who produce the wealth from whom they can steal the wealth.


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