Posted by: 12stepgolf | November 18, 2009

Let us start at Lecture One

Keeping the citizenry toeing the line is the primary focus of governments in this day andage. Governments are having so much difficulty with a growing population and are terrified if they cannot control it. The basic “do no harm” does not seem to apply to governments regardless if it is a democracy or theocracy or a despot, they have all turned into tyrannical rulers. When governments hold the purse strings you get tyranny. Abuse is the word to describe this soft tyranny that has been seeping into societies over the post war years.

These “leaders” have pursued the retention of power and control over the governed and abuse this power which in turn abuses the masses.

The patient’s list of people and communities and institutions they have harmed will include every single vote used to further their own self aggrandizement. Using others’  money to have them clear their conscious is not virtuous for themselves nor their country.

The contempt they carry for the masses is reflected in the decisions they have made. They believe that most people cannot think for themselves and need them to do it for them.

excerpted from:TwelveStepstoReclaimaNation’sSoul>


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